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    Default Capilano Hydraulic Steering ?

    Hi all, any views on this type of hydraulic steering, my first time on a yacht of 50ft . How presice should this type of steering be ?
    As I found it quite slack and loose to steer, in most winds ranging from force 3 up to force 5 with very little sea.
    Im presuming that it needs bleeding or adjusting.
    Any thoughts please ?
    Ps: the yacht when under sail will actually sail on her own without self steering gear and keep quite a good course.

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    Default Re: Capilano Hydraulic Steering ?

    Not familiar with that particular brand, but what you describe is a characteristic of hydraulic steering in general. On a long distance cruising boat like the one you are considering buying, manual steering is only really used when entering and leaving harbour. Outside that autopilot or windvane rule!

    It is all a compromise. Hydraulics are easier to install and give the power needed to steer such a big boat. Steering "feel" is lower on the list of priorities than it might be, say in a 30 foot cruiser/racer!

    However, worth getting it checked out to confirm it is in good order.

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    Default Re: Capilano Hydraulic Steering ?

    On the assumption that the oil is not leaking out you have three main areas to check

    Air in the system. just like air in a cars brakes or a diesel injection system this will give problems.

    Poor sealing in the Ram,

    Poor sealing in the pump

    Probably worth getting it checked over and watching what is done so you can learn how to do the basic checks yourself later.

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    Default Re: Capilano Hydraulic Steering ?

    Its fitted to mine, a dual system, good but very much lacking in 'feel', make sure its kept topped up with ATF, as said above, check for obvious leakes, but it is a Rolls Royce system and pretty much bombproof.

    Each wheel position has its own hydraulic pump atached to the wheel shaft and ususually another on the self steering.
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    Default Re: Capilano Hydraulic Steering ?

    I have the same Capilano system on my yacht. For a comparison, I centred the rudder and pushed and pulled the rudder blade, the total deflection was around 2 degrees. The oil level in the pump was a little low, I then checked, topped up and bled the system, it didn't improve the situation. My next job is to check the cylinder mountings and rudder bearings. Would be interesting to see how you get on with yours.
    as an aside, if you have long rubber hoses, they will affect the response, my pipework is mostly steel hydraulic tubing.


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