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    Default self change gearbox

    has ayone any info. on my gearbox ?,
    its made by 'self changing gears coventry'?.
    thanks... [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: self change gearbox

    Sounds like it is a wilson epicyclic gearbox . The gears are probably engaged by contracting brake bands on the epicyclic carriers with a cam type operation. This is usually adjustable if the gears fail to fully engage or release.

    Find a bus engineer retired... He'll know about these.
    Eastern Scotland and beyond.

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    Default Re: self change gearbox

    I have a pair of these on my vessel - built like brick shithouses. Firm taken over by Twin Disc, now out of business I understand.
    If you need parts or advice - try Graham Knight at GB Marine, Atherstone - 01827 718350


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    Default Re: self change gearbox

    Got one here if you need another.....

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    Default Re: self change gearbox

    SCG marine gearboxes were not pre-selector boxes on the Wilson principal.

    Very popular with MOD so spares available, try Woods of Crediton.

    Like many British icons British Leyland was the end of them, Hawker Siddley did them no favors either.

    Cummins purchased SCG, Onan, Newage etc in the mid 80's. When huge potential litigation was discoved on diesel railbuses to BR due to flawed gearbox design. When poison pill was discoved Cummins unloaded SCG to Alvis swiftly. Gearboxes replaced by Voith a huge cost.

    SCG was still producing MOD spares until the sale to Alvis, so there must be plenty of spares around, just need the knowledge to go with it.


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