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    Default Mobitronic Controller Instructions Required

    I have an old (1988?) Mobitronic 'Controler' .... effectively a battery monitor and amp-hour meter .... part ref DCC 2012

    It has two LCD displays, the left showing amps (and volts when the switch below is pressed), the right shows Amp-Hrs (and resets when the switch below is pressed).

    Although the Amps reading is correct, the volts is less than that entering the box .... and the Amp-Hour calculation is totally unreliable.

    I have no manual for it. If anyone has one they can email to me I would be very greatful. Otherwise I will probably scrap it.

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Mobitronic Controller Instructions Required

    I've got a connection drawing for a DCC4000 on the computer, and (possibly) the manual on the boat (I am almost certain its on the boat) if this is any use to you.

    I can scan some sections of it if of help.


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