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    Default Re: BIG TROUBLE

    Another vote for removing it rather than running the risk of worse trouble later.

    If it is still in the dipstick tube, I'd try to fish it out from there. All of the methods suggested would be worth trying. I might also try fine welding wire with a small hook turned in the bottom end.

    If it's in the sump I'd be tryin gto fish it out through the drain hole before I tried to remove the sump. (If removing it is difficult, think about getting it back on!)

    Best of luck! Let us know how you get on.

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    Default Re: BIG TROUBLE

    I think you are in FAIRLY BIG TROUBLE!!!!

    Sometimes you simply have to bite the bullet and take drastic action. You could cut a hole in the side of the sump (above the oil level if poss.) with a hole cutter (25mm dia) and fish out the tube. Then your new problem is how to seal the hole Ideally you could weld a patch over it but a patch with self-tappers and epoxy would probably last for years.
    A friend once winterised his engine and put an oily rag in the inlet manifold.Yes, you are ahead of me------in the spring he started up and sucked the whole issue into the engine thus destroying it. I only tell you this to give you a sense of perspective. Good Luck!!!
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    Default Re: BIG TROUBLE

    If its a pela its a piece of outer bowden cable, ie coiled wire covered in plastic, if its stuck in the dip stick tube and he turns the engine over there is a good chance that the crank will **** it, if it has gone in to the sump there is still a chance it can move and the crank can **** it, when the boat heels or hobby horses the engine is put in to different positions as well!! Therefore the bit of foreign stuff can move as well, I certainly wouldnt leave it in!! I stand by my previous post

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    Default Re: BIG TROUBLE

    The plastic pipe is softish.about the size of two Biro refills.

    Is there no one out there who can accept a challange, and

    supply me with an answer!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: BIG TROUBLE

    I would weld a (wood)screw, minus its head, to the end of a 5 mm round steel bar and carefully stick that in the dipstick tube.
    Try to grip the plastic tube by turning the screw and if you are lucky you will be able to extract the plastic tube.

    Sorry, no British brain, but Dutch, hope it works,

    Good luck,

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    Default Re: BIG TROUBLE

    Plenty have supplied you with a variety of answers - now its your turn to accept the challenge and try one or more of the proposed solutions. Let us know which one - if any - works.

    I don't think anyone is going to come up with a "magic bullet"!
    Missed my opinion? - No problem! - Someone elses will be along in a few minutes.

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    Default Re: BIG TROUBLE

    If it's plastic intended for the job, it should be fairly hydro-carbon proof. If you have some more of it, chop off some small lumps and put a piece in a series of unpleasant liquids like acetone, xylene, etc.. See what weakens it fastest.

    But we do have a resident chemist, who is probably looking up the answer for you. (or maybe he is failing to react).

    I would not leave it in the sump. It could get chopped up into unhelpful oil-passage blocking pieces.

    If some of it is still in the dip-stick tube, I would try an air pressure line into the oil vent tube to pressurise the sump. But think about how you are going to catch whatever comes up the dip-stick tube in a hurry.

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    Default Re: BIG TROUBLE

    I wouldn't leave it there, one day it will get caught up or degrade/break up and block an oil way.
    As suggested I would cut through the dipstick pipe leaving enough to fit a sleeve on later and try to get it out then using all the methods advised so far, don't rush it!!!
    The idea of cutting a hole in the sump side seems worth thinking about if you have access, sealing it after should be no problem with a "thin plate sandwich".
    Else it's engine up and off with the pan.
    [--word removed--] happens and if it's any consolation I'm sure all the forum readers will take extra care when doing oil changes, I will fit a collar on the plastic pipe so it can't happen to me!
    Best of luck and please let us know how you get on, thanks.

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    Default Re: BIG TROUBLE

    I'd not be too worrried about clogging oilways, I can't see how it could be macerated small enough to get through the oil filter.

    I predict the most likely outcome of leaving where it is, is in decreasing order of possibiity:
    1. nothing happens
    2. gets chopped small enough to get taken up and pass into the oil filter where it will remain (slight chance of increasing oil velocity to the point of collapsing the filter)
    3. somehow gets wrapped around a the crank between the big end and a crank arm - and might obstruct il flow out the big end bearing. but I further predict that a wrap would result in more chopping, and we're back to scenario 1 or 2 or even 3 again.
    4. Worst case scenario - as far as I can envisiage - is that it gets repeatedly thrown against a hot cylinder wall and leaves traces of plastic melted and smeared thereon - to be scraped up by the piston rings = potential for damage. This is unlikely as any surface hot enough to melt the plastic would surely degrade the oil.

    I doubt that it will dissolve in a month of Sundays.
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    Default Re: BIG TROUBLE

    Another idea for this in the 'Motor Boat' section


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