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    Default Re: Event on for evening of 9th May

    In theory yes, and a couple of forumites, one of whom is a solicitor have offered by pm to handle it with a newly set up dedicated bank account. Not sure it could all be done electronically, as not all have online accounts, and some prefer cheques etc. It's been a sticking point in the past about one forumite having access, so an accountant or solicitor would be preferable, though I'm sure we'd still have a few people balking, though it would cater for most.

    I'll know more tomorrow evening, and discuss the options in more detail, as the restaurant may take on the task, which would be preferable

    Many thanks to all the forumites who have offered help by PM with offers to help with banking, printing badges etc. It's much appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Event on for evening of 9th May

    That sounds excellent Brendan.

    One point though of trust. If people cannot trust an individual on the forum with around 50 quid then its a sad day. If a payment goes astray, then I guess that is exactly it, goes astray, nothing more.

    There are too many people who know people that know people on here for any skullduggery.
    'The will of the people' = The will of a few fanatics who have duped the unsuspecting.

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