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    Dear Alan,

    At first, we all thought it was funny, but you know it isn't right to inflict on your family, friends and crew mates the embarrassment and indignity of being called up on VHF by the HM "Mr Tinkles, Mr Tinkles; Shotley Marina, Shotley Marina...." and he then proceeded to discuss your 'movements' by name with all the other boats in the marina!

    You need to get on with the renaming ceremony Chief.
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    Default Re: Message for (B)PD


    He didn't ask the lock if they room for a little'un did he?

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    Default Re: Message for (B)PD

    Well said Vince, bout time too.

    Here are some rhyming options for *ipe *eam

    1. bagpipe
    2. blowpipe
    3. catpipe
    4. cesspipe
    5. chichipe
    6. downpipe
    7. drainpipe
    8. drivepipe
    9. dronepipe
    10. felipe
    11. flipe
    12. gipe
    13. gripe
    14. guttersnipe
    15. halfpipe
    16. handygripe
    17. hawsepipe
    18. hipe
    19. hoggerpipe
    20. hornpipe
    21. hosepipe
    22. ipe
    23. jacksnipe
    24. kipe
    25. lipe
    26. liripipe
    27. overripe
    28. panpipe
    29. piewipe
    30. pinstripe
    31. pipe
    32. praecipe
    33. precipe
    34. principe
    35. rareripe
    36. rathripe
    37. recipe
    38. ripe
    39. sergipe
    40. sideswipe
    41. sipe
    42. slipe
    43. snipe
    44. standpipe
    45. stipe
    46. stovepipe
    47. stripe
    48. swinepipe
    49. swipe
    50. tailpipe
    51. tripe
    52. unripe
    53. wincopipe
    54. windpipe
    55. wipe
    56. yipe

    1. abeam
    2. agleam
    3. airstream
    4. beam
    5. bitstream
    6. bloodstream
    7. bream
    8. breastbeam
    9. ceam
    10. clickstream
    11. coldcream
    12. coldstream
    13. cream
    14. crossbeam
    15. daydream
    16. distream
    17. downstream
    18. dream
    19. eam
    20. embeam
    21. enseam
    22. eyebeam
    23. fleam
    24. forebeam
    25. foregleam
    26. gleam
    27. hardbeam
    28. headstream
    29. heam
    30. hornbeam
    31. ibleam
    32. icecream
    33. inseam
    34. leam
    35. mainstream
    36. midstream
    37. millstream
    38. moonbeam
    39. outdream
    40. quickbeam
    41. ream
    42. scalebeam
    43. scream
    44. seam
    45. sharebeam
    46. slipstream
    47. steam
    48. stream
    49. sunbeam
    50. team
    51. tiebeam
    52. unseam
    53. unteam
    54. upstream
    55. weighbeam
    56. whitebeam

    And here are some for *inkles [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

    1. periwinkles
    2. pinnywinkles
    3. sprinkles
    4. tinkles
    5. twinkles
    6. winkles
    7. wrinkles
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    Default Re: Message for (B)PD

    Yeah... that'll do it....

    He can combine the two and be...

    'Hornipe Sunbeam Wrinkles.....'


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    Default Re: Message for (B)PD

    I thought GuttersnipeBreastbeam was perfect [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
    Not all who wander are lost

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    Default Re: Message for (B)PD

    I'm keeping out of this. Might be my turn next to rename from something Dutch!

    Definately interested in steel now. If that leaks, it just leaks well and goes rusty but it can't soak up the stuff. Also no worries about crash bulkheads!

    I think the reply to "Starboard" becomes "STEEL" [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
    Peter. Formerly known as Alchemist V274.

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    Default Re: Message for (B)PD

    I have had a long think about this one ........ MR TINKLES is a super name as it is very clear over the radio waves and can be under stood by all..... BUT...... I really think the lettering should be in blue instead of PINK. Now if he re-letters the boat perhaps it could be arranged for some small ones to be done at the same time for his tender so it can read " tender to Mr Tinkles" and call the tender "BELL" [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
    Nil-Desperandum or go to the Pub for think
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    Default Re: Message for (B)PD

    Now maybe people can see why I just had to change from Miss Ellie [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img] it just wouldn't do to be heard calling myself anything less than something manly [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
    My vote would go for plain and simple, Mr T
    Three sylabubbles being the optimum for transmission and reception

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    Default Re: Message for (B)PD

    I haven't really forgiven the bloke who bought my last boat with the dignified name of "Queen Mab" (even though harbourmasters never seemed to cotton on) and renamed it "Miss Piggy". I know it's no longer my boat, but the shame of it!
    Far away is near at hand in images of elsewhere

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    Default Re: Message for (B)PD

    Without it being completely rhyming, how about Jim Beam, reference to erudite Mr Dew, and CPDs propensity to imbibe?

    PS Blowpipe may not be OK for forays cross-channel

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