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    Default old 15 hp outboard refuses to tilt.

    I'm using a mariner ob 15 hp which runs grand but refuses to stay tilted. I've consulted the manual - the only guidance is that it has to be in forward gear to engage the tilt - this I have done but no improvement - she will tilt forward with a pull but then will just fall back to the fully down position.
    Grateful for any suggestions.

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    Default Re: old 15 hp outboard refuses to tilt.

    Ah you mean it will tilt but won't stay up. I think my old Johnson 6 relies purely on friction of the tilt pivot to hold it up. ie you tighten the bolts of the axle to increase friction. Or there may be a latch of some sort. A suitable sized piece of wood might be fitted to hold it up as an alternative. good luck olewill

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    Default Re: old 15 hp outboard refuses to tilt.

    Can't remember offhand the Mariner old system ... but various ways of keeping tilt are :

    Actual 'turn-key' in front of engine mount that releases leg lock to tilt

    Gear lever movement to unlatch / latch leg lock in tilt and non-tilt mode

    tilt engine by hand and then angage a locking bar wich pivots into place

    tilt engine by hand and then move bar to outer set hole to set engine rake

    tilt engine by hand and then engage a hook

    One old engine I had - the tilt was not designed to lock in tilt position - only to allow engine to 'kick-up' if it hit something. The keep it tilted needed a lashing.
    I'm sure there are other methods as well - but above are ones I remember of top of head ..

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    Default Re: old 15 hp outboard refuses to tilt.

    IIRC there is a latching arrangement on the Mariner. If that has rusted up - and they are prone to - then the tilt lock doesnt work.

    Usually, it is a spring loaded metal bracket that is released as the engine is tilted, and has a lever which has to be pushed down to release the engine.
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    Default Re: old 15 hp outboard refuses to tilt.

    make sure you still have the lock down pin, its the adjustable one that alters the tilt. If this is missing it has nothing to lock onto hence it tilts up.



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