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    Default Re: Is it just me or is the America\'s Cup just stupid?

    I don't have a problem with the actual racing but sometimes it takes place without me realising it's on because I've blocked my ears to all the rubbish with the lawyers. However, I suspect that the America's Cup started out with egotistical rich men and nothing has changed. Larry Ellison may have come out of the Californian software industry but he is probably the natural successor to the east coast lawyers and stockbrokers of the New York Yacht Club. He is certainly of a competitive bent!

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    Default Re: Is it just me or is the America\'s Cup just stupid?

    Heh, Dylan. Was only testing! I love that book. And so do the rest of my family. Our copy is falling to bits as we have all read it 4 or 5 times over the past 20 odd years. It's not necessarily even about the sailing - mabe it's just about beating the likes of Connor at their own game.

    Nico - I suspect you are right. And through the wonders of TV, plebs such as I can witness some really great races,

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    Default Re: Is it just me or is the America\'s Cup just stupid?

    i think last time i checked the teams won in order of budget other than 5th came fourth and 4th fifth. other than that it was pretty much we had a competition to see who was richest whilst some yachts were on thewater

    meanwhile on the water it was a great spectacle of racing regardless of outcome

    was it a few years ago when the (i think) kiwi yacht was shipping water along the decks and they were bailing like billy oh, as millions in planning had caught them out that the conditions were not like home waters also i think a boom broke?
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    Default Re: Is it just me or is the America\'s Cup just stupid?

    I was fortunate enought to manage to be in Valencia for three of the last America's Cup races and would have been there for the final deciding race but for a postponement due to lack of wind.
    The racing was really well covered and the shoreside atmosphere electric, spectator facilities were first class and it was hugely successful event and venue for spectators. If they ever get their act together and return to Valencia for another America's Cup I recomend you hop on a Ryanair flight and spend a few days there, you wont regret it and i can assure you it will capture your imagination
    I can imagine how addictive it must be to these mega rich guys to have a slice of the action at these events, I think these yachts are the ultimate boys toys

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