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    Default what boat - advice needed

    Want to change my sailing yacht, but am having real difficulty in finding something to look at which will fit my spec. Any suggestions welcome.

    I want a boat that will dry out without legs (bilge, cb, cat)
    deep secure stern cockpit
    about as roomy as moody 35
    fun to sail

    if mono, heavier than a benbavjan

    it will be used for two handed distance cruising in retirement.

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    Default Re: what boat - advice needed

    Sadler 34


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    Default Re: what boat - advice needed

    Najad 331
    Rival 32
    Not the sort of boats I go for though, I prefer Motor Sailers.
    Your choice of boat is a very personal thing, like your choice of women, cars or pets.

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    Default Re: what boat - advice needed

    Some continental ideas :

    Here are some of my favourites in your size category :-

    RM 10.50 (Boat of the Year 1998 or 99 in France)

    OVNI 346''

    Etap 34 (unsinkable)

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    Default Re: what boat - advice needed

    summer twins/ocean twins/heavenly

    first two have aft cockpit, any reason why you stipulate this

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