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    Default Round the Mull for the first time!?

    Hi all, I am positioning my Moody29 to Oban next week with the help of 2 crew.
    I was planning to go via the Crinan Canal as this is my first time away from the Clyde.
    Looking at the weather forecast it looks pretty settled with max force 4 from East.
    So I am considering going round the Mull of Kintyre instead.
    Plan would be Largs - Sanda Monday.
    Early start for the easterly tide Tuesday round Mull and long sail all the way to Ardfern (although options to stop off at Craighouse)
    Then Ardfern or Craighouse to Oban Wednesday with tide.
    Has any body any advice, are the timings realistic?
    Previouse posts on here have mentioned staying very close in around the Mull, is that best and why?
    Oh are there visitors buoys at Sanda and if not whats it like for anchoring in Easterly.

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    Default Re: Round the Mull for the first time!?

    Sounds like a good plan,

    Sanda is OK for anchoring, and there is an eddy that can help carry you round close to the Mull - cannot remember, but this may be shown on the UKHO tidal streams; it is certainly mentioned in the CCC Sailing Directions. Surprisingly, we've found that the inner passage to be relatively unturbulent (if such a word exists).

    Once round the Mull, the passage to the north seems to take forever.

    Haven't been to Sanda for a couple of years, but don't recall visitor buoys, although there is one (the island's owner's?) in the main bay which I've seen visitors use. The main bay is handy for the "Byron Darnton" pub, but, depending on conditions, there is another anchorage to the east of the lighthouse on the south side.

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    Default Re: Round the Mull for the first time!?

    Were no visitor buoys on Sanda this time last year, though anchoring is OK - and with light Easterlies I'd be happy to overnight there I think (we only stopped for Lunch and tide but had 6/7 NE) so didn't feel brave enough to go ashore.

    In an E you can get some shelter behind a rocks / reef to the E of the bay (opposite side from Landing)

    In that wind the Mull should be gentle - tight inshore is fine - though you can get some wind funnelling off the hills in some places.

    Criaghouse how has payable visitor moorings (payable as of last summer I think).

    Another option in E would be Gigha - you can anchor off the NW corner (lovely spot - but no shore facilities) or go for the main bay an visitor moorings an pub on the E coast - OK so long as there isn't too much in the East.

    Either way - should be a lovely trip, though as others say - it seems a long way up !

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    Default Re: Round the Mull for the first time!?

    Thanks for the comments, always good to speak to those with experience

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    Default Re: Round the Mull for the first time!?

    Agree about Gigha and in the morning take coffee in Eilean McCormic if the tides permit and you are not going to miss the flood.
    Keeping in to the sides up the Sound of Jura and the Firth of Lorne makes it possible to make progress when the tide is against you so you can set off in seemingly adverse tides and make it comfortably at the tidal gates which will be Dorus Mor and Pladda for you going North.

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    Default Re: Round the Mull for the first time!?

    Ardminish (Gigha) can be very uncomfortable in an easterly. You would not think so, with only a two mile fetch and shallow water in the way, but it can get a bit lumpy. You may be better to make for Carsaig if the tide will not get you all the way to Ardfern.

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    Default Re: Round the Mull for the first time!?

    Sounds like its a plan then, thanks for the input.

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    Default Re: Round the Mull for the first time!?

    If conditions make you concerned about the shelter at Sanda, consider stopping at Campbeltown - the disadvantage being an earlier start to catch the tide round the Mull.

    Between the Mull and Sanda there are some interesting countercurrent eddies. Look out for other boats - the regulars know where the favourable currents are.

    Consider Port Ellen on Islay - it looks like a long way, but if you round the Mull on the first of the ebb, you get swept up that way surprisingly quickly - just watch that you don't stray into the TSS. I'm not sure what the tides are doing, but from Port Ellen you can reach Oban in one long hop via the Sound of Islay or in two hops via Craobh.

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    Default Re: Round the Mull for the first time!?

    Whatever you do, don't rely on the Contessa 32 and Bendytoe 30 that you might find doing the same trip at the same time - though you can buy us a pint in the Byron Danton.

    There is one visitor's mooring at Sanda - or there was in May.

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    Default Re: Round the Mull for the first time!?

    Craighouse is lumpy at the best of times, and especially so in an easterly, so on the Jura side is the better option.

    Also, Ardminish is unpleasant in an easterly, but there's a bay on the north end of Gigha that gives good shelter.

    If the wind <u>is</u> from the east you'd be better keeping to the Kintyre coast where there are several anchorages once you've passed Loch Caolisport.


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