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    Default Re: Which is stand-on vessel?

    Not to get involved in the Colregs side of this, I would make two observations:

    1. People do tend to shout silly things when they've had a fright.
    2. As a fairly inexperienced sailor I'd be pretty nervous when towing for the first time.

    Am well aware that this might not have been the case here, but just a thought.

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    Default Re: Which is stand-on vessel?

    [ QUOTE ]
    they started waving and gesticulating that they were towing. When close they shouted they were "restricted in their ability to maneouvre (manoeuvre) and we must give way" then "check you collision regs".

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Do you really talk to each other like that on the Solent, how sad.

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    Default Re: Which is stand-on vessel?

    Very true ... some of the things shouted can be pretty awful !

    I still maintain that average yacht person is not experienced in towing. It's not hard for one to get into a situation that gets out of hand.
    Jimi is right that skipper of towing craft should take care to avoid others - but quite often - Solent is good example - he will get close to others, simply because he's not staying out there all the time ! He does want to reach port as any other.
    But how many appreciate the antics, actions, etc. of a towed craft as you enter tide races, conflicting currents ... towing vessel turns ..towed does something a bit different !!

    You only have to see inexperienced car people towing another car - transpose that to boats !!

    Anybody can tow another - but only a few can do it well in most circumstances.

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    Default Re: Which is stand-on vessel?

    On towing and being towed:

    When I was about 12 and my cousin 14, we both thought we knew all about cars having spent our lives messing about with farm machinery and we set about getting an (even then) old Austin A30 running.

    Now this car had been rotting in a barn for years and after we had fiddled about a bit with it we faced the problem of getting it started. My cousin hit on the idea of towing it around a field dropping the clutch and robert would be your father's brother.

    So he "borrowed" a landie which his dad had left in the yard with the keys in and we attached a stout rope.

    I was deputed to drive the tow and Simon drove the tug.

    Round we went and the Austin wouldn't start.

    So, Simon stopped and told me I was useless and I had to drive the tug and he'd show me how you bump started a car.

    So off we went. Round and round.

    Eventually I stopped as he was having no more luck than me.

    I wandered over to find him crying like a baby. When he'd calmed down he explained that what I had failed to do was to notice that as I went round in circles, he, at the end of a 20m long pendulum, was experiencing 5G lateral forces and that all he'd been able to do was hang on and hope that his vehicle didn't turn over until either I got bored or ran out of fuel.

    He did say something about having indicated with hand gestures that he wanted me to stop. I said I thought he was just waving because he was happy.

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