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    Default Anyone know about the RM yacht at Hamble

    I think it was one of those RM twin keelers I saw dried out on Sunday at the Hamble public slipway (by RAF YC). It was at a very steep angle of heel and I thought they were twin keel. Is there a very soft patch on one side of the grid.....or was it something worse? Anyone know?

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    Default Re: Anyone know about the RM yacht at Hamble

    Suspect you saw the 880 owned by forumite rb_stretch. See next page for fetching photos of his newly arrived triplet girls!

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    Default Re: Anyone know about the RM yacht at Hamble

    It would be the other forumite Tony (can't remember his YBW name), who has a silver grey RM880. I'm much too busy to escape to the boat....

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    Default Re: Anyone know about the RM yacht at Hamble

    Yes, it was me!!! Owner of only the 2nd RM880 to come into the country........I deliberately attempted to dry out just after the 2nd HW to the right of the Hamble slip/piles where I knew there was a discrete pad. I touched positively and assumed incorrectly that both keels had touched firm ground......Wrong! ..... and one keel (the stbd one) was in fact in the mud, which became apparent as the tide fell. And "Remi" continued to heel over until very gently the hull took the weight on the soft mud. No damage, in fact not even a mark, and indeed hardly any trace of mud on the keel was evident when I dried out very successfully at Warsash across the river the next day. Unfortunately my Hamble incident was witnessed by all and sundry attending "Hamble Week", however I disappeared for a while amongst the folk attending the charming RAF Open Day.........a wonderful escape!!


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