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    Default Welcome to the new YBW forums

    Welcome to the new YBW forums. You should be able to interact in much the same way as on our old software, but there are a host of new facilities, including search, social groups, photo albums and events calendar for you to use.

    Please post any queries you have about this site in this part of the forum and we will try and get a response to you as quickly as possible, but please take the time to check out our FAQ section before you do.


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    Well done chaps, great effort. Two quick Qs

    Will the interim posts get added later?

    Great to see it all back on line. Avabeer (virtual) on me to celebrate
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    The FAQ page gives me a 403 forbidden
    So cant see what I shouldn't ask!

    Also a 403 on edit email and password in my user details.

    Any way to change user names as Idleness was 3 boats ago.
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    Default FAQs'

    Can't see it, 403 etc. Sorry Dan, I KNOW you guys have worked your butts off to get this up and running............but not easy for me to understand, let alone use, and as for editing details...............OK, I'm not computer literate really but I had got to know the old type and could get round it, simply not the case here for me anyway. I will try to keep posting and reading posts for the freely given knowledge, but I feel it will be difficult, for me at least. A shame really as I have thoroughly enjoyed the fora. I guess I'm just an old dinosaur.
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