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Thread: Here we go!

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    Smile Here we go!

    This eve is probably our last forum visit before tomorrow, so i wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of those who have helped me arrange it, and contributed equipment and ideas to the proceedings (so that’s all of you really!) I hope the weather holds tomorrow, the forecasts’ disagree with each other, but hey, were sailors so we’ll manage. I’ll try and be ‘on location’ on time and get the smoke signals going, but just aim to arrive when you feel like it.
    My phone numbers below, just in case.
    See you soon, Matt
    077 0845 3761
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    This forecast is reliable. The winds are above 500 metres, by the way

    See you tommorow


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    I'm just new here and I also love sailing but sad to know, I don't have a sailboat. So, how was your day guys? Did you enjoy sailing?
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