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    Quote Originally Posted by SAWDOC View Post
    A guy I sail with has a lift keel Jag 21 which sails fine - he is often singlehanded and copes well in rough weather.
    Excellent... Thanks for that.

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    Snap 23 shouldn't be too much over 2K even for a good one (asking price that is) .... I sold mine for 2K and she was superb - honest. I bought her in at 1150 ....

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    Nothing wrong ... and plenty right... with all the ones mentioned but don't rule out a cheap Hurley 22 bilge or even the Hurley 20. Fantastic sea boats with good room and built to last.

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    You might well struggle to find a Corribee under £2k.

    If you can use a fin keeler, look out for a Gallion. Super sea boat, great accommodation for a 22footer.
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    there's a jag 22 for sale with the owners group

    it's just under 3k but seems to come with lots of extras and looks good. plus they might take a cheeky offer!

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    Several boats on eBay. This one in Essex, a Hunter 18

    Corribe essex

    Vivacity 20, Poole

    Matilda 29, Kings Lynn

    Look through the boats section (NOT sailing section) on eBay and then select sailing boats.Think this link will give it you.

    PS You will owe me a pint if you buy any of these!!

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    Halcyon 23. Enough said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Refueler View Post

    Dude! Look at you! LIVING THE DREAM!!!! Your own yacht and a CAPRI!

    I am impressed!

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    You should add a Pandora to the list of outstanding smaller yachts: they really are hard to beat. Certainly no better than a Corribee... but worthy of comparison. Find out more via

    We're on a 1970 Mk.1 with a centreplate / drop keel. Bilge keel and triple keel options are widely available... and the fin keelers are routinely raced in Abersoch. They all handle more like a dingy than a yacht: wonderfully responsive - and not expensive.

    Excellent offering here at £1,450:

    To my mind the Mk1 was the best of the Pandoras: beautiful... and with the outboard transom-mounted you get a fantastic rear locker that is lost on the later versions. Later versions are also great though.

    The Pandora evolved from a dingy that was designed for handling: my impression remains that most more modern craft are basically designed as floating caravans, with the accomodation dictating the form.

    Fundamentally... I'm yet to be convinced that anyone's ever designed a decent smaller yacht you can stand up in, Maybe some are OK... but my impression remains that accomodation considerations in all such craft have dictated quite horrible compromises at the expense of performance.

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