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    Quote Originally Posted by snooks View Post
    I find I can sleep like a baby when sailing, no matter how rough, or noisy.

    2 inches above an engine motorsailing to windward in a F8 and I can sleep until my watch...
    You're lucky! It normally takes me a good handful of watches before I'm so knackered I can actually fall asleep. I'm too alert to everything going on around me.

    Same reason I don't sleep too well at anchor - lots of new noises want investigating...

    But tied up alongside, in the forepeak of our Colvic Victor 34, I sleep so well. When we were looking at a few different CV34s to buy we found the forepeaks - like the rest of the interiors - varied from boat to boat, and ours just happens to have the biggest berth out of every one we tried ;-) We need to get a fitted sheet though, as ours always comes untucked - only on James' side, somehow!
    New boat project:

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    I have no trouble sleeping in my double berth made up from saloon table dropped down ... typical 70's saloon divan berth.
    I like it when sailing - as I can lay at any angle that's best dependent on heel ... I can spread out to distribute my weight !
    It has semi hard 'foam' that I find better than hard or soft that makes my back ache.

    Worst bunk ? Bav Match 35 saloon berth ... narrow, uncomfortable, in fact a disaster .. TBH - the whole boat was ... and only 3yr old.

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    Wrapped around the post thingy that holds up the saloon table on a pile of wet sail bags.

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    Wierdly the best sleep i had was in Fowey in the forepeak berth of diadem when it was heavy swells rolling in, about 4-5 weeks ago.

    The worst? Falmouth week 2006, a 26ft French cold moulded ply racing boat named Bullit, to be able to qualify for a previous race it had an "interior" fitted. It consisted of a big V shaped bit of wood in the bow, and two cot berths in the hind quarters. Being the smallest crew member i managed to nab the Vberth up for'd as the headroom was only about 2ft! i managed to take enough pillows (without the skipper noticing) to make what resembled a mattress.

    Didn't sleep a wink and then the next nearly got chucked over the side as i had no strength to hold on to the genoa sheet during a tack :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by loungelover View Post
    Funny that... the keel stayed firmly on ours too. Are we doing something wrong? ;-)
    Yeah, you weren't sailing it...

    (It's a joke FFS....not all Bavaria keels fall off. Allegedly.)


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