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    Quote Originally Posted by davidjackson View Post
    Tried it a few weeks ago with my wife of 4 days. Sadly, she was enjoying the view over the transom at the time. She hasn't forgiven me yet!
    Careful - 4 days or 4 years she'll still get the house!

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    the best thing for sea sickness which has been tried and tested by the royal navy for centuries... Eating, i recommend bananas as they taste the same coming up if you do happen to be sick as they do going down - Cobra and Seawolf Owners Site

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    Quote Originally Posted by HinewaisMan View Post
    Philistine! Has to be a bacon and marmalade sandwich - idealy with a strong cup of tea as the sun just starts to rise at then end of a night watch
    Ive tried bacon and marmalade together its really rather good. they go together a little like duck with orange

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    getting on the boat and sailing away from the hassles of everyday life, preferably to this tune.......

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