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    Default Volvo Penta engine mounts

    I have been looking for a soure of engine mountings for my MD22, after lots of research I found out that Vetus sell them and also various other peeps. The prob is that the suppliers want to know what shore hardness they are!
    Uhh! anyway more research, after much scraping of rusty mounts it appears they are branded Metalastic Cushyfloats, more research and find out the shore hardness is stamped on the top of the base plate! In my case 45 and my neighbours VP D2 55 is the same so we now know! I found out that Trelliborg make them and supply them, see below from a search of the forum.

    Originally Posted by dickh
    Metalastik Cushyfloat anti-vibration mounts are now marketed by:-
    Trelleborg AVS, PO Box 98, Evington Valley Road,
    Leicester LE5 5LY. Tel 0116 273 0281 Fax 0116 273 5698
    Go direct, I have just bought 4 mounts for my Perkins Perama M20 for £25.89 ea. including VAT & P&P - I was quoted over £60 each from a Perkins agent... Trelleborg can offer them as Marine mounts with the stud and nuts for about £38 each, but I bought the standard Industrial type and re-fitted the existing studs & nuts onto the new mounts.
    For information, the mounts were No. 17-1600-55 (55 being the Shore rubber hardness).

    I also notice that Vetus sell mounts which look remarkably like the Metalastik/Trelleborg type at a similar price but this would have to be checked.

    Vetus dont do a Shore Hardness of 45 unfortunatly

    D2 - 55 part number = 846765
    MD22 = 846765
    Have used to check the part numbers, I know the VP2030 engine mounts look the same but the part numbers are different. I would suggest to any VP20X0 engine owners to check the number stamped on the base pate and work out which one it is from this and the bolt centre measurement
    PS The number now is 0116 267 0300 and the part number for the MD22 and the D2 55 is 17/1609/1/45 and the v nice lady has just put them in the post.
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    For an Volvo MD 17D engine, does anyone know what the Shore Hardness for complete set of 4 mounts (2 front and 2 rear) is for this model ?

    I would be very grateful to anyone who could provide this information.



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