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Thread: Do you wave?

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    My name is Stuart and I am a waver!

    My concern is more the type of wave. You see, I am a give it all, arm over the head back and forth type. SWMBO is a more reserved quick flash of the palm in front of the chest.

    Am I over doing it? Should I tone it down a little, say just a raising of the right arm. I think SWMBO is too under stated and have tried to encourage her to be more outgoing.

    She just thinks I'm a nutter. Thats marriage for you!

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    I wave, but I have a "waving order":

    1. Other sailboats: wave
    2. Slow wooden mobos: wave
    3. Plastic mobos: no wave, but return wave if boat behave seamanlike and/or has pretty girls aboard
    4. Big washy Gin Palace: no wave, no return
    5. Speedboats and jetskis: no comment needed.

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    Thumbs up Yes!...I Wave!!

    My name is John, and my boats name is Gina....and Yes!....I most definitely wave, firstly as a friendly gesture to fellow Mariners, and secondly to indicate, and have confirmed that all is well. Not only did I wave...but on our way back to Troon on Sunday I was positively posing for photographs / videos...I just think my 23' bilge-keel must of been adopting some photo worthy angles in that particular sea.
    LSGCM & Dolphins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenku View Post
    I wave, but I have a "waving order":

    5. Speedboats and jetskis: no comment needed.
    That's a shame. I have a speedboat, I wave to everyone, keep out of the way of raggies and watch my wake in close quarters. Why tar all of us with the same brush.

    I'm not going to wave to you anymore

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    Bit of deviation, anyone remember the old VW wave?

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    My name is Vince and it is two days since I waved.

    In Holland waving to other sailing boats is mandatory. It is a way of saying "We are fellows of the water, sharing a passion and what a jolly nice day it is too".

    I tend not to wave to barges as it is difficilt to see the crew behind the dirty glass of the bridge and if they do lean out of the wheel house as you bounce up and down in their wake, rarely do they respond in kind.
    Dutch chapter of the East Coast Forum _/)_*_

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    On the Broads it's common practice to 'nod'. With the tiller in one hand and the main in the other, we find waving difficult.....
    All are are acknowledged except GPs!

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    Default We wave

    The children always wave at and receive a wave back from MODplod.

    Strange that they have never thought of doing that to land based coppers...

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    We very often have this sort of conversation,
    ' did he wave back?'
    'think so'
    'no, he was scratching his head'
    'miserable sod'
    'I think his wife did'
    'better wave again in case he didn't see it'
    etc etc

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    I too am a waver and always respond to others waving. I also encourage others on my boat to wave. It costs nothing and does make life on the water even more pleasant.
    I may have a rose tinted view, but I also see it as an acknowledgement that we are all sharing a love of boating and all looking out for each other if difficulties arise.
    ps I dont wave at mobos with people in wheelhouses cos I normally cant see them !

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