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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricane View Post
    Wait until you've got there.
    Barry's points are valid but he has only picked up on the bad issues.

    On the transport side of things - as he sais, Reus Airport is much nearer than Barcelona. There are scheduled Ryanair flights from Luton to Reus and quite a number of other local UK airports fly to Reus during the high season. We live in the west country so have been Bristol to Reus - in fact I've got a two seats booked in a couple of weeks - £40 all in (for both - inc taxes and Ryanair's booking fees). Most of the time we have a hire car and its about 50 minutes from the Airport to the marina - I've done it lots of times - picking up kids and dropping people off etc.

    Barry mentions that the boat yard is a bit expensive to store ashore - yes but if you are just lifting for an annual maintenance, try comparing the whole thing (lift, scrub, stor and relaunch) with UK prices and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. For example when we berthed our 51 foot Sealine in the Hamble the cost of lifting scrubbing and relaunching at Hamble Point was over £1000 - 4 years ago. This year I had the Princess 67 lifted, scrubbed, stored ashore for a week and relaunched for just over £500.

    Add to this the ability now to have a cheap mid season clean up. JW will cost me about £87 to lift and scrub. Next season, I will probably lift her several times - a quick lift and wash before a long cruise will pay for the saving in fuel many times over.

    And dont forget, even if the fouling at Sant Carles is agressive, it isnt much more than the rest of the Med - you still get barnacle growth on your props - where ever you are. I believe that in the Balaerics its common to have a diver down several times each year to clean the props - lifting is a much more effecient way of cleaning - and you get the time to inspect the underside more often.

    Mosquitos - I know that people have pestered by the mosquitos but it does happen generally in this part of Spain. My parents once owned a villia about 25 miles south of Sant Carles and mosquitos were a problem there as well. Aircraft are often seen spraying the general area to keep the quantities down. Personally, we hardly have any of the little critters but we do keep the cabins closed and airconditioned. Our side of the marina also seems less affected as well.

    That just answers Barry's comments in a positave way but there are loads of other benefits in the area.

    The islands are only 90 odd miles away and there is some superb cruising when you get there.

    Then there's the lagoon - a streatch of almost enclosed water about 6 miles long, a mile and a half wide and about 6 metres deep. Good anchoriges in almost all weather conditions - it doesnt look like it but there was a good force 5 blowing when this photo was taken - at that time it would have been very rough and uncomfortable out in the main sea.

    Not to mention the lagoon restaurant

    Barry also points out that the town is very unspoilt. Not much English spoken etc. This is exactly why we like the place - other parts of Spain have become overun by Brits and we wanted somewhere a little quieter. Sant Carles strikes a great balance between being peaceful whilst still being a town large enough for good shopping and restauramts.
    Loved these pictures Hurricane, having spent 3 weeks moored next to you in the marina! Not through choice, but our trip back from Corfu to UK got frustrated by failures of two new autopilots and I decided to take a breather. Fortunately the berth next to you belongs to a friend so my measly little Bavaria 37 (sail) hid nicely in there. I have some good video footage of her hiding with the big boys!

    Eventually decided to ship it home by road, so have just returned today - boat was loaded yesterday and will be in Poole next Monday.

    Comments on Sant Carles. Marina very well set up. Service for lifting mast and then boat onto transport excellent and modestly priced. Location, I think, an acquired taste - pity I did not have time to explore the land side, and for a sailboat rather restrictive as not many places to day sail to. Spoilt after 10 years in Corfu! Access depends on where you fly from. I live in Poole and Ryanair fly Mondays and Thursdays to Valencia from Bournemouth so I went out Monday morning and came back this morning £80. Hire car 170 euros + 27 fuel.

    I can see the attractions if you like Spanish as opposed to Brit places - the town is very pleasant and for a MOBO that can make Majorca in just a few hours rather than the 20 hours it took us to motor from Port Andratx (sp?) it has a lot going for it. Don't know about the higher management but Jo on the desk was great in helping me sort out my problems!

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    Shame that our paths have crossed - we are leaving Devon tomorrow morning for a few weeks on the boat - it would have been good to meet you.

    I've wondered who owns the berth next to us - maybe we will get to meet them as well.

    You probably met the other nextdoor bertholder who I believe was out there recently lifting and sorting his Sunseeker.

    I believe that James France from these forums was out there recently as well. Maybe you had the chance to meet him?

    As you say, Joanna is really helpful - a great asset to the marina. I'm always emailing little questions to her and she replies promptly.

    As I say, sorry to miss you


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    Only had 3 days there when we first arrived and then came back to UK to sort out what we were going to do with the boat. Then the quick trip out to supervise the loading. Now all I have to do is sort out the unloading this end - not straightforward because on the limit of our hoist in the club but no doubt we will find a way round it.

    The owner of the berth next door is an "investor" who owns a number of berths - but does not have a boat (at the moment). I will tell him who you are when I next see him.

    Not my style, but your boat really looks the biz! The Bowman 48 4 berths down would suit me nicely though!

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