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Thread: Wedding Bells

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    Talking Wedding Bells

    Some of you already know, but I am delighted to let the forum know that I am to be married on Sunday 18 October. Yes, I'm taking on a new crew, after more than two years as a widower!

    The marriage, to a Hong Kong Chinese lady called Calli is to take place on Sunday 18 October at 1730 Hong Kong time - that's about 1030 BST. If any of you fancy a quick cruise out to HK , we'd be delighted to see you at Kowloon Union Church, just off Nathan Road in Kowloon. I reckon it would be something like 1600 nm a day ... Perhaps if you borrow the speed machine on one of the recent postings, though it's a bit lacking in accommodation

    Calli is a keen but inexperienced sailor, who loves the great outdoors. I've done my best to frighten her (well, I was worried!), but she insists on coming back for more! And at least she understands that the boat is far stronger than we are.

    Those who are UK bound may be interested to know that we are having a service of blessing the following weekend, on Saturday 24 October, at 1400, at St John's Church, Waterbeach. We'd be glad to welcome you - as long as you tell me who you are!

    Both I and Peter_Cooper will be out of circulation for a bit - he's my best man The risks of not wearing a lifejacket pale into insignificance

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    Congratulations! May all your troubles be little ones!

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    Congrats Paul!

    Here's to your married life being a very very pleasant one.... and good luck on the big day(s)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AntarcticPilot View Post
    Yes, I'm taking on a new crew, after more than two years as a widower!
    Bon Voyage!
    Waiting for Dan to put me out of your misery since 17 Feb (2010 ).

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    Congratulations! Can I suggest you hold your reception at The Red Feather Boa in Staunton Street, Central? You'll be kicking off your marriage with the best Martinis in Asia Pac!!
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    Excellent news, I hope you and Calli will be very happy.
    Fair winds on the sea of matrimony etc.
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    Good Luck Paul, Looks like Pete will have to get his own boat in the water next year.

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    Congratulations Paul, as you probably assumed anyway, unfortunately I can't make it to HK but maybe next time we meet I may buy you and Pete a pint of the good stuff. Have a good one and come back happy

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    Hi Paul, definitely will be at Waterbeach, its about time I caught up with you and Pete.
    We still have an open invitation on Full Circle for you and Calli.
    Hope everything goes perfectly in HK, I am sure you haven't left much to chance.
    Of course, as an insider, you may have a fair few brownie points already with Him upstairs, so you should be OK.

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    Wishing you both many Tides of Happyness, and many years of Happy sailing together.
    Now Pete get your ass into gear and get Ammaranthe ready for launching.
    Holiday Flat to let in Millport , pm for details.


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