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    Default 24V Battery Charger - Recommendations

    I wish to install a mains powered battery charger that will be left on all the time. The boat is normally left for up to 6 weeks between visits, in commission all year round.

    I have two battery banks: -

    1. 24V (2 x 12V) for engine starting
    2. 24V (4 x 6V) for domestic use

    I have 220 Amphour available from the domestic bank. Both banks are lead / acid batteries.

    I intend to leave the charger on while I am away from the boat so will be looking for a charger that uses 3 phases of charging and can maintain the float phase as required. If the charger has temperature sensing then all the better as the boat is located in Scotland and will experience low temperatures for many weeks.

    What would forumites recommend?

    I have found the Newmar Marine PT-24-45U charger on the web which has all the features but is quite expensive. Any comments or experience with this make and model?

    Many Thanks

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    Try Sterling, but, to charge that sort of capacity properly will not be "cheap"

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    Quote Originally Posted by capsco View Post
    Try Sterling, but, to charge that sort of capacity properly will not be "cheap"
    Marine Superstore in Port Solent have a shed load of Sterling stuff in at the moment, from memory the 40 amp Digital Charger was 299. I paid 6 more last month and the local chandler had to give me a hefty discount to reach that price. E Bay price even higher, just check you get the 24v version.

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