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    Quote Originally Posted by davidej View Post
    ................ and my top recommendation

    Carrickfergus on Belfast lough
    Bit of a detour southbound from N. Wales to the Solent!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidej View Post
    Newlyn rather than Penzance and my top recommendation

    Carrickfergus on Belfast lough
    At the Penzance Wet Dock, you are locked in safely, while at Newlyn, you are at the mercy of the weather and any fishing boat.

    If you want to leave a boat for any length of time, then Penzance is preferable to Newlyn. You only need to look at the number of boats in Penzance now to see - and the harbour masters office overlooks.

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    When I brought my boat from Plymouth to Essex I got focused on the trip and have regretted since that I did not turn right and visit Falmouth etc whilst almost there. So why not go places that you might not get to. Milford would be a good stop but how about going to the Scillies from there (24 hours due south) before bashing up the south coast.

    Orbister - my son has his boat in Milford Marina for the winter for the first time (remarkably near your googled berth). Reasonable as you say - £500 for the winter for a Co32. And he can see it from his office.
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    Quote Originally Posted by orbister View Post
    ...Around fifteen hundred quid, all in. That's an awful lot of sea delivery costs ...
    I reckon it's very easy to underestimate the cost of delivery by sea. As a rough ready reckoning:

    Total distance say 450M.
    Assume time available is in long weekends or similar.
    Leave boat at 3 intermediate places.
    Return home when boat is moored up – by train?
    Motor or motorsail 50% of the time.
    30’ monohull.


    Safe berthing in marinas or similar - 6 weeks at £20/night = £840
    Journeys from home to boat & back for say 2 people – 3 x £180 (?) = £540
    Fuel – 225M at 3M/litre – 75 x say £1 = 75
    Miscellaneous (e.g. additional charts?) – say £100

    Total £1500+

    Of course much depends on an individual's availability of free time, cost of transport etc.

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    Thanks to all for your input. The potential boat is a Beneteau 323. I really don't like the idea of transporting the boat back by road, somehow doesn't seem right. As some of you forumites have said, there are costs involved in moving the boat by sea, but really not much different to those involved in keeping the boat at her final destination, getting to the boat to go sailing anyway, and the costs involved in sailing her. There is the huge added bonus and adventure of sailing somewhere different! I'm interested in the free berthing at MDL comment, as I'm with them anyway, at Chatham, although my berthing is currently suspended while I look for another boat. Any more detail on that? Thanks again to all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbowen8 View Post
    The potential boat is a Beneteau 323
    Hope all goes well with your purchase .. Great boat .. We have the lift keel version so when (I) run aground we can get off again ..

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    Used to be in MDL at Hamble and my recollection was a total of up to two weeks but best to call them and try to negotiate.

    My friends down in Plymouth sem to be able to do deals wheras up in the Solent they seem to be ignoring the recession !!

    Poole where I am now is more reasonable

    On the road v sail debate - there is no contest. We buy boats to go sailing not to cause traffic jams. There are lots of great things to do and see along the way so enjoy

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbowen8 View Post
    I'm thinking of buying a boat currently based in North Wales, with a view to moving her early next year down to the Solent, or possibly even round to the East Coast. Does anyone have any advice on safe/decent/cheap places to leave the boat for a week or two at a time en route? Anyone else done this sort of exercise, and how did it pan out? Any advice gratefully received!
    We bought our latest boat and sailed it back from the Hamble to Scilly exactly a year ago, we left on a Saturday and were back on the Wednesday 2 nights in Dartmouth and a night in St Mawes (lots of vacant moorings in December) on the way. If you can get a week off then why not go for it to the Solent should be doable if the weather is not extreme.

    the marinas in Dartmouth are without doubt pricey, but the harbour authority pontoons are really reasonable and if necessary boats can be left for a time but best to make arrangements before just turning up.
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    Thumbs up

    Great choice of a boat, we have one and think it’s just great. We bought our on the West Coast of Scotland and had her road moved across to Edinburgh. Thought about doing the delivery via the Great Glen and also via the Clyde canal, but in the end we went for the road move option. The whole process was very smooth and I would recommend the company to anyone without hesitation. Our yacht arrived on time and in excellent condition. It also gives you the chance to inspect the rig before you step the mast and sort out any issues that might pop up.

    Another fact that you shouldn’t dismiss is the convenience of get you yacht at your location as soon as possible so you can make the most of her. We are in the water now and enjoy nothing more than popping done on the weekend and potter about, regardless of the weather.

    Enjoy and let me know how you get on. There is a lot of knowledge on these forums and the help that I have had has been invaluable.

    PM if I can be of any assistance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoodySabre View Post
    Orbister - my son has his boat in Milford Marina for the winter for the first time (remarkably near your googled berth). Reasonable as you say - £500 for the winter for a Co32. And he can see it from his office.
    I'm paying £240 for 8m for 3 months, which I'm very happy with.


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