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    Default Yanmar 1GM10 Fuel Line Diameter?

    I'm looking to replace the fuel lines from tank to engine on my Yanmar 1GM10. Boat isn't local to me so does anyone know the internal fuel hose size I should be after? I have measured the distance but thought the diameter would be in the manual but can't see reference to it. I assume all 1GM10's are the same?

    I have seen ASAP selling 6.5mm but also a local chandlers selling 5mm (internal diameter). My history of accurate measurement would say I would get it wrong anyway!

    Have used the search here but can only find reference to the same question for the 2GM10. I assume they will be different.

    Many thanks.

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    You should find the answer buried in here: (

    I would expect 1GM10 and 2GM20 parts to be the same.



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