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    Quote Originally Posted by AndieMac View Post
    Locally, we can buy a small wheeled trolley/hand truck to move and store outboards up to 25 h.p., quite cheaply. They appear a little cheap and flimsy, but mine has lasted several years and works well.

    I liked your sling idea with the 4 hp. I have a 300mm (12") lanyard spliced to the carry handle of my 3.3 hp with a dog clip on one end. When locating onto the dinghy transom (while in the water), the clip is attached first, in case the engine drops into the water. It has come close a few times......
    With my sling, I operate as follows, to deploy:~

    The rubber boat (Redcrest) is inflated aboard and is lowererd into the water complete and then made fast alongside. Then a crew member gets into it.

    The outboard motor which is on a bracket on the pushpit first has the sling put round it and the lanyard used to lower it is clipped on. The lanyard has knots tied in it at intervals of 8 inches to give extra secure handgrips.

    The motor is then unfastened from the bracket and lowered. The crew in the boat guides the engine over the bracket and settles it, then tightens the cramps. Once this is done, the lanyard is removed together with the sling and the engine can now be used.

    The reverse drill is used to retrieve the outboard engine.

    The idea is not only to control it but to be assured it cannot fall in either under deployment or reteival, the key being that if it is not clamped it is attached to the lanyard at any time.

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    Its only those few precarious moments from rail/locker to transom, and visa-versa, even worse in a sloppy anchorage, or unnoticed passing wash......

    I wonder how many have been for a swim?

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    You get good idea. I am very grateful for your views because I now realise there is no need to do this. It seems 2 strokes are mechanically simpler, lighter and for this model there no shortage of parts. Also workshop manuals and parts lists are easy to get.
    I like boats

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