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    Quote Originally Posted by Philiz View Post
    We've been today and would say everybody is pretty much spot on with the descriptions of the show, not a lot there but worth a visit if you don't have to travel far or have free tickets . Convinced myself into buying one of the Avtex tellys everybody has been raving about,got a good deal too I thought, if anyone is after one.
    Had nowt to do this (Weds) pm so went and spent about 2 hrs there. Didn't go out of the boating hall.
    Seemed a better variety of boats than last year - spent quite a while on the Paragon 31. Very interesting comparison with the Targas with which I'm familiar.
    Nice Nimbus also, along with some interesting new "sports fishers. I was also looking at open launches for using on the river and perhaps the sea. Dutch "slooeps" were really classy but horrendously expensive - like £30k+ for something about 19ft long
    Very limited stock at the various "chandleries".
    On the whole a worthwhile afternoon.

    Called at MBM stand to accost Stewart with the words "Tony Chappell" but he wasn't there - probably doing an article on a campervan (only joking).
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardShead View Post
    I will be up there from Friday through till Sunday so do come along and say hello.
    I dropped by the MBM stand yesterday and demanded to see you Richard and also demanded my free lunch. But apparently both were unobtainable.

    I did buy a beef sandwich for £4.50 though and a chart plotter from Mailspeed Marine.

    I was almost seduced by the Fifth Wheel Company, but managed to shake off the desire to write a large cheque and was content to just give the motor homes a look over. Who would ever think of spending so much money on something that spends most of its time parked up.

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    Popped in today, there were more there boats than I was expecting, but mostly small to medium size - biggest around 42ft (not counting narrow boats or dutch barges)

    Best of the bunch was the Paragon 31

    It felt really secure on top and had doors to the indoor helm on both port and stbd sides

    Beautiful wide side decks and that super looking all round windscreen

    The only drawback apart from the £220k asking price (includes masses of teak, bowthruster, heating and winch )was the disapointing forward cabin, it was both low and narrow. Side decks v space in cabin is always a compromise, but I could not stand up in the cabin so that rules it out for us (well that and the £220k) The other boat we like was the Aquador 26, would really have liked to see the 33 but it was not at the show
    Popped in to say hello to Neil and Claire on the MBM stand, then set out to look for some chandlery bargains, only Jimmy Green and Mailspeed there (and with small stands) so did not get fender stocks or combined boathook/broom and other stuff that we were looking for. However Towsure had a huge stand in one of the halls and they had a lot of stuff there that would be useful on the caravan side of boating if you are going.

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