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    Default Norie's Nautical Tables

    1938 edition in hardback. In good condition for its age. No handwritten names or notes on inside covers.

    For sale as an interesting piece of maritime history or for normal day to day, navigational use.

    Contains a wealth of information including detailed explanation on how to use each of the tables.

    Traverse Tables will convert a days run to a new DR position without the need to plot.

    Meridian tables, altitude correction tables for parallax; log, sine & cosine tables; haversine, ABC Tables; Time of Rising & Setting of celestial body tables, Lat & Long waypoints of principal ports, harbours and headlands in the world.

    Must be worth a round of drinks?

    10, UK postage paid.

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    Alas!! Ive already got a set. circa 1966, but its all brings back happy memories of GCSE

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    PM sent


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