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    Default Fitting a bathing platform on sloped transom

    We have a forward sloping transom on Mr.Tinkles with no sugar scoop arrangement and currently have no access ladder fitted. Getting into/out of the dinghy at the moment is via a rope ladder slung over one of the sheet winches then dropped to port/starboard. With 4 children and gear, it is an accident waiting to happen. What I would like to do is fit one of these:

    The idea is slide your rear end down the transom onto the platform then shuffle into the dinghy. The ladder would be good for swimming (?????) access and possibly MOB situations also.

    Has anyone fitted one of these and would like to comment or does anyone have any other comments/suggestions etc. Many thanks.
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    We have a fixed, folding boarding ladder on the transom on CAPE, which works well. We use the support brackets from the Aries (as its no good in the Med') as a diving platform. The ladder is offset to Stbd with a teak strip fixed in place to keep the stand-off extensions parallel as our stern is very narrow and the Aries needs to be centred.

    This enables the kids to climb out of the water no problem as the last step is only about 300mm below the toe rail, with the bottom 2 steps below the water line. When sailing we pull the ladder up and it clears the water, so no drag!

    If I can I'll take a picky and try to post it up, not promising as last time I couldn't do it!!!!!!
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    I'm thinking of doing something similar myself, the only way to get the perfect arrangement is to get something custom made, I'm currently teaching myself how to weld stainless steel, but otherwise a good fabricator should be able to help you out.

    By the way, I would be hesitant using marine superstore, see this thread:

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanfoster View Post
    By the way, I would be hesitant using marine superstore, see this thread:
    He meant Marine Megastore, but he may well have a point. The thread's worth reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macd View Post
    He meant Marine Megastore, but he may well have a point. The thread's worth reading.
    Yes Sorry, apologies to marine superstore!

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    Default access over stern

    we have fabricated a 3 rung ladder which goes over said stern with another 3 rung fold down into the water. works well.
    pm me and will send photo as i havent got to grips with photo bucket yet???

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    Default Have You Considered Steps On The Beam?

    CPD I don't have a boarding ladder on the stern (wind vane self steering) but I have removable steps for the beam. They are mounted by sliding tangs attached to the back of the steps through slim brackets on the hull, about 6" down from the gunwale. However, there is no reason why they could not have been made to clip onto the Gunwale or toe rail. They came with the boat.

    The steps are about a foot and half shy of the water and I suspect they were developed for pontoon use but, have found that they are useful for entering and leaving the dinghy along side as well.

    I am currently planning on making a lighter, thinner extension to the steps so that they penetrate about 3 feet into the water. This extension will be removable. The original steps have a 6" step depth, about 18" width and 2 feet long so are quite bulky but fit into the boats cockpit locker.

    I like the steps as they are stable and robust. Although the size is suitable for my boat, a slimmer design would do the job just as easily. Food for thought.

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    Default bathing platform

    We have a Moody 30 and fitted a platform on the stern with 3 steps fitted on the transom and extending steps under the platform for getting onto the boat from in the water. Best thing we have fitted. We keep our boat on a mooring so they get used all the time.(All the bits from Plastimo).
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    Default boarding platform


    just had one fittedby a s/s fabricator.
    works a treat as far as sliding down the stern i would not entertain that.
    why not fit the platform and then a step above it?
    priv me and i will try to sort out some pics if you need it


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    Default Sloping transom

    I presume you mean the hull is longer at the water line than at the deck. (If it is longer at the deck than water line with a huge overhang it will be difficult.)
    So it is like a sugar scoop but without the cut away. You might consider cutting foot holes in the transom and fit on the inside a sealing fibreglass box shape ie make steps in the transom. This will be ideal for getting from dinghy to deck at the stern.
    Or you could bolt on small plastic steps which would be very cheap but not being horizontal will not be so comfortable. They are great on a vertical transom. The ladder proposed has the advantage of being able to be swung down into the water for recovery of swimmers (or MOB)
    You will need a gap in the stern rail to make the last step easier. good luck olewill


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