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Thread: Totally gutted.

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    leave M27 jnc8, follow A27 towards fareham heading for Moody's boatyard, in the bottom of the first big dip in the raod is a right turning for Lowford, take the turning and immendiately on the right is a black shack called Wessex Radiators, he'll be able to do it I spect, give him a call on 023 8040 2848, he soldered my old Cresta radiator back together when I could not get a new core.

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    Barry, try reliable rads 01732 762940 he's quick and did mine Clive Neighbours etc.
    Otherwise come down and nick one off mine. It's certainly not going anywhere for a week or so. Just put back on which ever one you get. Still got my number, I'll PM you with it.

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    Go to Serck (the're now called Serck Intertruck) . Any of their branches should be able to do it. If they whinge, get them to call Serck Industrial (Roland) for instructions.
    Dont take any BS from the counter, get the guy in the workshop to have a look. Chances are that they will just need to block off one tube in the stack.

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    Thanx for the contacts chaps.Phoned the chap in Sevenoaks/Riverhead. Says if I can get there before he closes tonite, theres a good chance that I can have it back tomorrow afternoon. Now all in need to do is give the Porker a good thrash, I'm off, see ya.....

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