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Thread: Boat Usage

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    Depends on all sorts of things.

    Wife may want to go to other places one year.
    Don't go out if too rough. Can't see the point. It's meant to be enjoyable.
    Sometimes go short distances but stay all week.

    Usually between 50 and 100 hours.

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    i do 400 - 500 miles a year on various boats mostly sail

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    Remember. People only go to their MP when they have run out of anything practical to do.

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    All that power - average speed 8kts!! Scary....

    With the previous boat (Nelson42) about 350hrs and about 2000 miles
    With current boat 2000 miles and 40 hours (but the sails helped)

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    Why are you curious about 100 hours?
    I live in Guernsey so we can go to Dielette, Carteret, Jersey, Alderney etc for a day trips - lunch - or in Jersey shopping for SWMBO - and so 3 hours for each of these day trips with friends - plus time roaming the bay of St Malo or the South Coast of UK for holidays etc soon mounts up.
    I must add that I had a Seaward 23 before when I was working and in 8 years I managed just over 340 hours.To get boating time therefore the answer is simple - RETIRE.

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