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    Angry crime at eling in the solent

    several boat broken into tools and electronics stolen
    then in last week or so all 5 boats on eling sailing club deep water moorings entered via front hatches watch out strange thing the ajoining club marchwood no problems !!!!!
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    Sorry to hear of the theft problems at Eling. The Ashlett Sailing Club down river used to suffer similar problems but installed a boat alarm system. Each boat (that could afford it) fitted a radio transmitter (cost £85 each) so in the event of a break in the alarm is sounded in the club house and the system autodials a security company. The clubhouse etc are also alarmed, new security fences were built and a camera system (linked to the internet) was installed. All of this has cost a lot of money but has reduced the crime rate considerably. Contact the Ashlett Sailing club for more information.

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    strange thing the ajoining club marchwood no problems !!!!!
    not true, unfortunately - some recent break-ins to Marchwood YC boats moored at Bury - same pattern, broken into via forehatch.

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    Default Ashlett "break-ins"

    Seems that during the same week, Eling, Marchwood and Ashlett were attacked.
    Three boats, none with alarms, had equipment stolen in Ashlett Creek.
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    Unhappy Boat thieves Southampton

    Just discovered my boat broken into at Cracknore Hard - between 31st October and 13th November. Apparently a boat nearby was also burgled and several at Marchwood. i've only just discovered it because I managed to go sailing three weeks ago without noticing it! Lockers were opened etc. but I had assumed they'd burst open in recent storms. Anyway I have lost my tools (expensive) - my flares (expensive)-and loads of annoying things that must be completely useless to thieves including engine injector spares etc. - fan belt -impeller - electrical spares fuses- knife - lanterns - voltmeter - head torch. Only ancient electronics and vhf on the boat which they didn't bother with. ( I take my GPS home ). Who are these people? What do they do with the stolen items? The returns on all this stuff must be minimal- while the inconvenience to me colossal. Anyway I'll report it tomorrow (Hythe police station closed on Sundays!)


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