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    Default How many Scuttlebutters . . .

    . . . does it take to change a halliard?

    Or - what happened after Ian had his end away. Quote of the weekend - "I'm just going to wash my big spanner . . . "

    Home safe after the inaugural Scuttlebutt Cruise of 2010, Ash's birthday party and a lesson in advanced spinnakering in 25 knots. Many thanks Ian for a welcoming berth, a fantastic sail and a great weekend, thanks to Blueberry Hill for the very comfortable ride across to Tarbert and the lift home, thanks to Pete for the quiz and any other organisational feats he may or may not have performed and thanks to everyone else for being such good company. Looking forward to seeing some of you again this weekend for the Chentlemans' Cruise.

    - W
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    Not sure but the view was lovely from up there

    What a fantastic weekend, thanks for all the company good to meet old friends and new. Anyone requiring training on spinnaker handling/recovery just PM me Thanks to my crew of Nick (webcraft) Ash (Ashonavega) and Joan (mrs Ash) we were first equal in the quiz which was hosted by pete Cooper.
    A Big thanks to Full Circle for being a man of his word and sending us the Port and Stilton that he promised. Sorry he couldn't be there to enjoy it.

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    Default Thank You

    Our thanks to everyone on the S/Butt 2010 cruise for great company. Special thanks to Spyro for providing berths, to Webby for Comp Crew skills, and to Pete for the quiz. Did I mention that we were part of the equal first team.

    The cabin was very warm by the time that all the B/Day candles had been lit.

    I still think that the spinnaker washing was a bit extreme - it was only a little bit of bird sh1t.

    Ash and Mrs Ash
    Formerly known as Ashonavega but Albin Vega Mistral now sold

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    Had a great night and looking forward to the next one

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    Default Ladybird of Rhu

    It was great meeting you all. I think it's fair to say you all lived up to expectations!
    Roll on the next cruise.

    Thanks Spyro for the photo. I now believe what my daughters are telling me about my bald patch!

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    .....and despite many pessimistic predictions, one of the yachts in Ian's photos reached Ardfern this afternoon having cleared the Crinan Canal by 14:30.

    Thanks to friends old and new who made the weekend such a success.
    Thanks to Ian for hosting Ash's birthday party.
    Thanks to Mr & Mrs Knightvision for providing me with a bed for the night and cooking my breakfast before sailing me back to Ardrossan and then driving me to Kip to ensure that they got rid of me as I might have criticised there boat a little
    Thanks to FullCircle for being there in spirit - if you see what I mean

    Paul & Calli are going back to Hong Kong in May - so please get your orders for Chinese wine in as soon as possible.

    Roll on the next one.

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    A very successfull night on fri and a great turn out.
    At first count I was fooled into thinking there were 16 boats, but after a good few guiness and a sip of Gordon's, no not Gin! I realised Negresgo was cheating and had two masts, must remember that if ever asked to do a head count
    You forgot to thank the excellent musicians, Tom, Alex, Ian, and whoever else, not sure was it George? Thanks guys, enjoyed it.
    Thanks John and Linda, for a great curry, sorry about the rice could have been worse but for Danny's good advice.
    Some pics here, with videos to follow later.

    Some chose to motor over.

    From left, John, Jim, Maria, Stevie, Bob (Besula)

    Stevie and Maria, Neffertiti.

    John, (Cassi) and Jim (Emma)

    The official GLCC headwear.

    The musicians in full swing.

    Ian on guitar.

    And the quiz master.

    Did someone tell Alex the second prize was a hat trick
    or was he just chilling out?

    Unfortunatly some couldent stand the pace!

    Then in the morning, Paul had Peter praying to their patron saints for wind
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    Damn,damn,damn. Knew I should have been there, but there is always next year.
    Looks like a great time was had, and what a fabulous turnout.
    Well done all.
    'East Coast Pilot' at 4th Edition now available......

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    Default Good Weekend......THANKS!

    Good weekend and Muster for the start of the 2010 season.

    Thanks to everyone for making this a thoroughly enjoyable weekend / muster / event!
    Thanks to Spyro for the hospitality, sail training, mast climbing with photo's & food, Pete for the quiz & organisational skills, Ash for being 21 AGAIN!!!!! FullCircle for the excellent Port and Stilton, and EVERYONE for being there and the “lets just get out there and have a good time” approach / mindset…which I think is what makes it a success.

    PS I’ve lost me Sea Legs….as this desk & chair are still moving.
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    LSGCM & Dolphins.

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    Blast and double blast! We are devastated that we could not be there. Particularly as the reason for our non-attendance (impending grandchild no.1) has still not put in an appearance. I hope we will meet most of you during the season.

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