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    Quote Originally Posted by jfm View Post
    ............Apparantly Fairline have put the Laser tender on the boat now and I will see about rigging a sail (which is currently here, in my office) this afternoon. So if any moboers see a white triangular raggy thing on a stick, it doesn't necessarily mean you're in the wrong hall of Excel

    See you on le weekend

    Excellent, I hadn't seen that Fairline had had second thoughts about the Laser being displayed! a smart idea iMO...will look very good I'm sure.

    Really looking forward to see it all on Wednesday!

    Oh, just remembered something, have pm'ed you..

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    I was at show today and it was very impressive. For anyone hesitating I'd say it's well worth the trip. There are some nice changes from previous years (see a few more comments I made on Al's thread). I have lots of pics but maybe am not allowed to shots before show opens, but I can post a few more pics of my boat (and I'll post one of MYAG's Y80 on his thread in a minute)

    Set up on stand is shown below, with Laser installed (the smaller 4.7 sail will be rigged tomorrow when I get there; there wasn't enough height to rig the full size Laser sail). The radar mast is a dummy and the real one has been taken off to fit the boat in

    Side deck and aft deck...

    A few flybridge shots

    Cabins, first time I've seen them with beds made

    And finally a few main deck interiors...

    Hope to see you on board over next few days!

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    Looks stunning and really looking forward to seeing her on Saturday.

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    I've followed this thread without making too many comments, as have many. So before the thread comes to a close, i'd just like to thank you for taking the time to post all the pics and keep us all updated with the build process, it's been very interesting. Very well done on your own design features huge kudos to Fairline for a job really well done, great to see somthing positive being done in this country for a change.

    Looking at the latest pics John, she looks absolutely stunning now she's finished. In particular, the flybridge helm is a monster. Being a big "boys toys" fan, I WANT ONE. Not sure how well it would fit in my 27 footer though

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    Ding Dong!! Walked past her a couple of days ago but couldn't see too much, pics are great and ouze the quality of this spec. I look forward to a tour over the next few days.

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    JFM, Looking forward to a viewing in the flesh, although, I also realise it could be a bitter disappointment for me, knowing as I do, that this type of craft is going to really piss me off, knowing as I do, that unless I win the lottery I'll only ever be able to look over your craft with the green eyed monster very much in attendance.

    she just looks stunning in the photos.
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    Gorgeous. Have to agree with Paul too, great effort and thanks for all your work.

    Hope they let you keep the scatter cushions

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    W0OW she looks fantastic and thanks for taking the time to post. This is now an epic thread. I just wish we could have made it down to see it.

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    Lovely. For me it's just a simple pleasure of seeing something that's so right.

    I could go on but special mention needs to be made of the internal stairs to the f/b where, of course, the design team of jfm + Fairline had a little help from all of us and the sofa at the aft of the cockpit, which just works perfectly with that beautiful table.

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    Hats off to you and Fairline, jfm. She's a stunner

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