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    why is it whenever I'm going up the Hamble (AT the speed limit ) the only boats that overtake me are raggies.... is it something about the fact they are all frustrated Mobo owners and need to prove something when they get a chance to use their ickle engine...???

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    Raggies getting upset (flapping their arms about) obviously requesting me to slow down in harbour when I am travelling well below the speed limit (around 5kn) and travelling as slowly as I can to still retain steering. I don't have an enormous keel beneath me!

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    Raggies that travel down the Hamble at 4 knots IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FAIRWAY. If you attempt to overtake they proceed to stare at you as if your'e a misfit which they clearly think you are.

    My other biggest gripe ........the other raggies doing just 3 knots !

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    Small little fishing dayboats that insist on doing 6 knots all the way up the Hamble or through Yarmouth Harbour even though the wake produced from the small LWL is huge

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    Tax authorities thinking its reasonable to tax my primary energy supply while leaving that of sailing boats tax free. One rule for all please, its only fair:-)
    Two beers please, my friend is paying.

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    complaints from the mobo when my sails put a shadow over his sun deck!!!!

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    Calling commercial ships under way at night in areas that the main shipping channel is close to the coast,
    only to check they have you in sight or on radar.

    Then getting no response at all despite the fact that there are no other vessels in sight.

    Often quote their position, heading, speed and ships name, but still no response.

    It seems to get worse in the we small hours.
    Growing old is unavoidable. However, growing up is still optional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scubadoo View Post
    Why do Ribs feel the need to pull water skiers through an achorage when there is plenty of room further away, reference Priory Bay last Sunday.

    Why do modern Sailing boats insist in using sails in a confined space like rivers, like I saw in the upper reaches of the Beaulieu river.
    And why do ribs have to drive at speed through boats anchored Osbourne Bay.
    And are you sure those sailing boats dont have sails up, and engines running?

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    Raggies getting better TV reception than me cos they can stick their tv dish thing high up on the pole thing!

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    Jet Skis and people what do not know their Col Regs and think they are still a Sailing Boat when they have their engine on.

    oh and Jet Skis, OMG I hate them, did I mention also that i do not like Jet Skis


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