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    Default Weather Forecasts

    Why oh why are weather forecasts so often wrong? With all the millions of pounds worth of computer power and other investment thats gone into improving the weather service I'm amazed at just how often they get it wrong.

    Saturday evening they were predicting a cloudy start to Sunday with some showers early on but then sunny intervals and temp max up to 28 degrees C.
    We woke yesterday morning to heavily overcast with continuous driving rain and squalls and the radio was still sticking to its guns re the earlier forecast. By 10:30 am the rain had finally stopped but it was gusting very strong. Did get some brighter weather later but never anywhere near 28C.

    You'd think they might look out of the window occasionally and realise 'summat is oop' as Haydn might say.
    I've got a theory......if they told us everyday was going to be awful theyd improve their accuracy considerably and, when the weather was good we'd be glad they got it wrong.....Michael Fish....more like Michael Tosh if you ask me....sorry Michael, but I have to tell it like it is..........[img]/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Weather Forecasts

    use I find them to be pretty accurate for a local area.

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    Default Re: Weather Forecasts

    The Met office moved their Cray super-computer last week. Maybe the removal boys dropped it
    I have to say that I do strongly object to these premium charged weather services like Marinecall and Metfax. Effectively you're paying twice for a service that you've already paid for through general taxation and secondly, like you found, they often get it wrong
    Its no good the Met Office bleating that our UK weather is hard to predict. If its hard to predict then they should'nt be charging for their lousy predictions

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    Default Re: Weather Forecasts

    Cray? I thought they had a RWP, (random weather predictor)

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    If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.

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    Default Re: Weather Forecasts

    Well, over the weekend the only ones that got it right were the ones who updated their website quick enough so less people would notice :-)

    Theyr and Metcheck were way off for next day predictions for where I live but if you check in the morning of the same day, the forecast changes. Both were predicting continuous rain for Saturday on Friday, when Saturday really only turned out to have a very slight skiff in the afternoon. Sunday was more or less the same with the Sat. evening forecast saying rain, then the Sun. morning saying dry and sunny. Still, today both were saying 20% cloud but it have been completely overcast all day!!! As for BBC,, online weather (they are apparently working on the Force 3-11 problem) and others all were to slow to realise they were wrong and so just stuck to their guns.

    At least the wind forecasts are accurate ;-)

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    Default Re: Weather Forecasts

    back when the 96hr forecasts were pointing to Saturday you could see there was an issue - they all had the same data but were disagreeign about the speed it was moving!
    Taken over Fri/Sat/Sun they got the content right, the order right but the timing wrong for the South Central Coast.
    It all moved a bit quicker than predicted by most!

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