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    Default Wife, Boat AND KIDS

    OK - Thanks for all the advice about having Boat and Wife, but the next trick is to keep all the kids as well - 4 of them aged 12, 9, 5 and 3.
    All on a 23 footer sports crusier. So you thought the last question was easy eh..........

    Sandra (don't call me Ian) - To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: KIDS

    My biggest problem is how to sneak out without the Kids (all now adults)!
    Give each child a job they can be responsible for (even the smallest can be on lookout), pack some small fishing rods and crab lines then watch them beat you at your own game.
    An inflatable tender will keep the eldest 2 occupied when moored and they can also clean above the waterline from a tender. The smallest can have a polishing rag each, then hopefully when they turn 18 they will have had enough :-)

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    Default Re: Wife, Boat AND KIDS

    12 and 9 is no problem so long as you have a tender. Something about 8ft, with 4-5hp on the back should do the trick. My 5 year old is happy to spend all day sat in the tender with a fishing net and the oars, and rows hgimself round the marina on the end of a long rope (we pull him in when he gets tired/bored). 3 year old? buy a big box of coloured pencils and an A4 pad...

    Been boating with our two since they were 3 weeks old.

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    Default Re: Wife, Boat AND KIDS

    Just had sucess with wife and kids (girl 4 boy 6). see torquay report. best advice is softly softly and don't be afraid to go home when it's no fun. Always leave em wantin more I spose...


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