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    Mine is a repeater display from an Actisense box and has no adjustment for offset.
    I know that she'll touch at 1 metre displayed, and I have to add 0.4 metre to get 'depth of water'.
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    Depth of water below keel, since we sail the east coast, often in very shallow water I want to know what's under the keel at a glance.

    I have noticed that when we are about to touch the turbulence under the hull gives false readings from about 0.3 metres or less, therefore if it jumps from 0.3 to 2.3 I know we're about to touch!

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    I was getting readings from the weed on Windermere. I could be moving through the water with -1 foot showing (the weed grows about 4 feet tall)
    Very confusing. Better without it.

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    Default Depth below keel or actual depth

    Actual depth is my choice but then I do have a swing keel and I know how much keel is below the hull.

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    depth below keel - you know immediately how much water you have left. for depth of water add your draught

    the old boat had a keel offset so that's what i did. the new boat is still fitted with a seafarer with no offset so i've got a bit of a compromise - deoth below transducer whoich means i go aground at 1.2!

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    Metres of water depth.

    Metres because I can't be doing with these feet, fathoms, furlongs and things. The depth sounder can be calibrated in feet or metres, so can the chart plotter, but the paper chart is fixed in metres.

    Total water depth because it just seem more logical. If the number gets close to 2.0, I'm in danger of grounding. No different to setting it to the keel and grounding at 0.0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pagetslady View Post
    Where do you have your echo sounder depth set from I have always set the offset so that I get a reading that tells me how deep it is in mtrs what do you prefer?
    My last boat was commissioned with the depthsounder being offset to water below the keel. This seemed an excellant idea, until I found out that the it was consistently underestimating the depth. My theory is that someting was lost in translation when applying the offset causing it to under read.

    Having made this 'discovery' I have never applied an offset and then learnt from experiance when the boat stops moving

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    Why bother? Choose feet or meters, your choice. Fathoms if you like.

    But then, simply quietly run your boat aground on a soft bottom and see what the depthsounder says when you hit.

    Then you'll know. On my boat if it reads 4.4 I'll hit.

    I could care less what the offsets or depths are. Once you do that, you can "calibrate" what real depths are by noting what the tide level is when you do your test.


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    Depth below transducer. As I only require 0.8m to float in the electronics can't cope with any thing less than 0.8m (indicated by a flashing depth) so it all becomes irrelavent.

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    Depth of water in metres, less confusing for everyone and can easily relate to charts. That way if we get down to below 2m we know we are in the s..t, well mud

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