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    Default Solent Treasure Hunt

    Thanks for all the suggestions on what to do with a bunch of mates for a couple of hours in the Solent. Taking the point that not everything to do with boats has to involve alcohol, and that I should try to get them involved, I though about a treasure hunt...

    Half a dozen cryptic clues and a chart of the Eastern Solent, I go where they decide the answers are etc.

    So, does anyone have any ideas for things to go and find - i.e. names on bouys, signs on buildings etc etc

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    Default Re: Solent Treasure Hunt

    Olde White Harte
    Liverpool Arms
    Folly Inn.

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    I sometimes skipper boats for corporate charter events which involve 'team building' exercises. programme as follows...

    Morning....introductions, safety brief etc.....clues for treasure hunt issued and time given to solve clues and plot course etc ....treasure hunt then executed.

    lunch.... at a suitable hostelry

    Afternoon....flying round the area fairly quickly and having a go under close supervision. Being shown basic boating skills, man overboard, basic pilotage particular aim in mind other than enjoying the boat and the water.

    It always seems to me that the punters get the most out of the afternoon events despite all of the care and organisation that goes into the morning....there you go, for what it's worth.

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    Please help, every time I learn something new it pushes out the old stuff.

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    Default Re: Solent Treasure Hunt

    different pubs, beers and rums?

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