I have tonight sent out the spreadsheet. If you want me to add or update any info eg mob Nos, leaving date/time & destination and more important restaurant Nos - please let me have info either by PM or my by replying to my e mail address that you should now have.

Can you make sure that I have your correct boat name as that is the only info I pass to the marina so that you can get your discount. I will also try St Vaast for discount again.

If you have not received the spreadsheet either I don't have your correct e mail address or I miss-typed it. Please PM me you correct e mail address again.

Fireball & Bedouine I have received delivery failures for you please resend me your e mail address.

Mirror Image & SolentBoat I can not find a private e mail address for you to send the Excel spreadsheet to.

I will resend updated spreadsheets as further info received.