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    Default When we get there...

    Hi all,
    Whats the procedure when we get there, is there a designated pontoon area for us? do we radio in and practice our French explaining we are the Scuttlebutt gang?
    Also have people made plans for the return trip, I noticed the wind starts to pick up slightly for Sunday
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    I usually just make my way to the visitors pontoon, find a free space and tie up .. the pontoon is on the left as you come in .. you'll remember there is a non-walk ashore pontoon - just go past that ...
    Once in and sorted take a wander up to the office - with your passport & SSR (which is all I was asked for last year - although I don't think she was that bothered about the passport!) ...

    Return trip - probably be leaving about 5am Sunday - as I want to get home in time for a good dinner ...
    Simon is suggesting a F3-4 SW on Sunday - eitherway it's up the chuff - so worst case is a run home ...
    If you're better off on more of a reach then in via the Needles should give you a better point of sail ... although it added significant time to our trip last year (not that we had much choice - had to do the distance with the wind on the nose!)

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    Default Cherbourg Arrival

    If anyone that gets there first can save a few berths on Q pontoon, as some of the bigger boats try to berth together for the afternoon pontoon gathering say 36' to 43'.

    If we can save a place on the other side of Q (alongside berthing) for the Moody 54 it would be good.

    I reverse in to enable walk on stern access.

    For anyone that has not been to Cherbourg the pontoons are now bigger but still are short and move when you jump on them.

    IIRC they still have the steel hoops at the end (approx 3/4 down for a 36' boat) so I instruct my crew just to pull through a loop of rope and do a half hitch to initially secure the boat and worry about neat ropes afterwards. I have seen people patiently tying bowlines on the ends of ropes while the boats drifts sideways and hits the adjacent berth.

    The visitors pontoons are to the left and are labelled. No need to call ahead just find an empty berth. Parkstone YC are also having a late channel dash this weekend. There is normally plenty of room. When paying mention that you require the discount for the Scuttlebutt Cruise I e mail them a list of the boat names. Hence make sure I have your correct boat name.

    Note comment about wind on Sunday. Cherbourg is a 24hr access port and I have entered Cherbourg in a gale (my bad passage planning) and returned to UK on Ferry and collected boat the next weekend. IIRC Weeks berthing costs were v reasonable.

    One of my crew works at a special needs school and cannot take Friday off so he arrives as a footpassenger on the Saturday.

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    We are a 45ft cat, so as with the 54ft moody any assistance we can have with berth nabbing or a heads up to the capitanieri would be much appreciated.

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    OK total Cherbourg newbie question here, I can see the non-walk ashore pontoon on Google maps, are all the pontoons on the left of that for visitors or is it only some of them?
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    The very first pontoon/jetty on the left (dead ahead as you enter the marina) is a Sailing Club jetty - no boats will be tied to that. The next pontoons (Q?) to the left are visitor pontoons - they are well marked. The large boats (54' Moody's and Cats) have to moor to one side of the next pontoon in (no fingers). The other side of that pontoon (which has - and I think both sides of the next - are visitors.

    Most people are likely to moor on the fingers on Q - I imagine that there will be plenty of space at this time of year.

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    There are about three visitors pontoons, N, P and Q, Q has alongside on the east side and fingers on the west side, the others are fingers, clearly marked visiteurs and intended for different length boats but they probably wont mind this time of year. For the short handed there are fairly easy hammerheads at the end of each long pontoon or the first few in are quite easy. It is a longer walk ashore but saves manourvering "up the alleyway". There are some visitors berths right up by the capitanerie, we saw the RYA sailcruise there when we were there in june but I expect they have to be pre arranged. I have always found Cherbourg relaxed about paperwork unlike places where someone descends to demand money as soon as the first warp is ashore. The capitanerie staff will take euros or cards for mooring and shower jetons but have never been interested in passports or SSR docs. I think they do listen on VHF 9 but it is not required to call up unlike most UK marinas. The staff nearly all speak good english and will help you out after a few mumblings in french. If you have been there before they keep all your details on computer anyway. All in all a relaxed place. Water and electricity on the pontoons. Refuelling is easy if you do motor all the way and need a top up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chubby View Post
    Refuelling is easy if you do motor all the way and need a top up.
    We had to send out a search party a few years back

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    We are on J pontoon (Moody 54) so feel free to wonder over and say hello!
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