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Thread: MBY needs you!

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    Default lol

    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy_the_builder View Post
    Tee hee, no, I think my inability to figure out that:
    (wind from the NE) + (tide from the SW) = not a very clever time to go through the Alderney Race
    is best kept to myself....

    You get some big old seas in that area, [said in a broad something or other accent]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solitaire View Post
    As it happened had nothing to do with anything being thrown into the tank. It was all simply due to the boat sitting on the hard for neigh on 2 years and not being fully topped up. But it was a really bad case of the bug though.

    Oh dear....... bit of a mess......I suspect this is more to do with fuel instability than bugs such as those treated by biocides.

    This is an interesting note from BP on problems that may be experienced during the storage of diesel oil

    It seems fuel contamination falls broadly into 2 groups....Buggy bugs. and stability problems and many companies lke Startron have two products with each aimed at the particular problem. I don t think they would recommend Biocide for this one.. More likely to suggest.

    However if the problem is buggy bugs requiring a biocide then this one would be the way to go.

    It would appear from the BP note that water is a problem with both and every effort should be made to remove all water from the tanks. Something which is
    almost impossible on many boats.

    Appparently fuel instability is becoming more of a problem which I suppose is indicated by the number of posters in these forms who talk about using Starton Additive.

    Oh well Stewart is going to have fun with this
    Eastern Scotland and beyond.

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