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    Quote Originally Posted by Kawasaki View Post
    Why's that then Paul?

    cos they are not big enough maybe? we have an F36 and F37 max coding 6 pass 2 crew, we have a 450 statesman (43ft) they let us code it to 8 pass 2 crew, only my P56 has been given 12 pass plus 2 crew. They may be more lenient now I dont know.

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    Funny that Kevin, I was just thinking of you, but couldnt remember the manufacturer of KS

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    A friend (really) is selling a 2006 Rodman 1250 with only 26 hours on the clock at an extremely good price (sadly the owner died soon after purchase). PM me for details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripster View Post
    Yep that looks a nice vessel. Hell of a spec, as you say. Did you take her out?
    unfortunately not....

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    Morning chaps

    I left work early yesterday and have come back to find 3 pages of great ideas.

    Firstly, to those that know me, I am schemeing. Actually it's Stuart not me doing the schemeing.

    I love Rodmans, even more after my adventure on the 1250 in the Summer.
    I know Ben fairly well at RBS and also know he's probably reading this, but also know he'll chuckle when I say that if he was to fall over tomorrow morning with a heart attack then I'd be knocking on Rodmans door by the afternoon.

    The scheme is no secret and unlike some of my own plans it isn't a pipe dream as the successful businesses are already in place to support them.

    1) We need a product we can be proud to represent at Parkstone Bay Yachts.
    A product aimed at "high end" sport fishing with a range ideally from 6m to 14mish.
    This would in no way compete with our Sea Ray dealership and be marketted towards the cruising family who likes to fish. The bigger of the boats need to be first class with an A1 finish, A1 sea keeping and handling and look every bit as good inside as the fishing features on the outside
    2)We need a product around 40' for our sea school, Harbour Sea School. This will be an easy boat to drive, twin diesels, powerful yet economical and have the ability for some overnighters or catnaps between watches. It will be used for upper end training, Yachtmaster etc.
    3) We need a product around 40' to join the existing fleet at Dorset Cruises. It needs to be smart enough for corporate charter, exclusive fireworks cruises AND also for luxury angling charter. The norm for angling is 8 to 10 anglers cram onto a 35' basically fitted boat to get covered in blood and guts for the day ad come home stinking of fish. This will take exclusive small groups out, give them breakfast, a decent lunch aim to catch them the fish of a lifetime and then bring it back and cook it for a delicious meal and a bottle of decent Sauv Blanc at our rather good restaurant here at the marina. The daily rate will be rather more than a typical angling charter, but so will the experience.
    Oh, and for the fishing lads on here, we may consider doing Channel Islands and proper long range trips out into the Western Approaches... these will be for "proper" fish!

    It must be explained that the angling side will only be a small part of the plan, but as a smelly old fisherman it's the bit that excites me most.

    I would love to work with Ben and Rodman here, but in fairness it wouldn't tick box 1).
    So, we need our own Rodman that is not a Rodman!

    Some of the brands discussed:

    1) Interceptor and Wildcat.
    A cat is a no no. I love them, but they won't attract the corporate charter brigade and they aren't really suitable for a sea school.
    Interceptors are not actually very good sea boats (in my opinion only and yes, I have seen the videos) and there are much better built boats out there.
    The yard is very small and they handle all sales directly.
    The same goes re handling sales direct for any of the small independents.
    2) Most of the American boats are all excellent at what they do, but have such limited appeal in the UK from a sales perspective. The flybridge examples are just too way out for us to get our heads around when we are comparing from Eaus to Fairline etc. The build quality is usually far superior, but the look we simply don't get.
    Their open boats all look exactly the same when it comes to fishing and, again, that look really isn't one a UK buyer tends to take to.
    They are usually far too expensive too!
    3) Jeanneau and Beneteau.
    I have a passion for both these brands having been involved with Jeanneau for many years and also owning a little Merry Fisher 695 of my own. I know both brnads weaknesses and strong points. Neither brand offers a range that is qute right, not to mention a dealer network which is rather flooded to say the least.
    4) Faeton
    Sorry Duncan, just not for me and not big enough at the high end.
    Already a distributor here in the UK. In my opinion, not particularly good boats either. Adequate, but not the right ones for me.
    5) Starfisher
    Too small, available as a dealership, but nothing like a strong enough range.
    6) Poweryachblogs suggestions are all fascinating and brands I know extremely little about.
    Research required here. Thank you.

    Another suggestion is to talk to an existing builder and tell them what we want.
    They may step up and produce a range of boats that are suitable, but that takes substantial balls from them as the investment in moulds and tooling is pretty vast.
    Take Sunseekers dreadful "Sportfisher". They had the idea, but didn't actually take any advice from any actual sport fishermen as to what was required. The boat was bloody awful. With the right advice, a builder like Sunseeker to build exactly the right, small, dedicated range, but the chances of persuading them to build the smaller end are second to none.
    In the same vein, we would actually consider doing a less crook like version ( scratch that, we would do a totally professional version) of the business that was / is Tarquin Trader and find a foreign yard who will produce what we want for us.

    So, theres the scheme and the ideas rattling around in the few small lumps of grey matter I have left.

    Keep ideas coming please, all fabulously useful!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kawasaki View Post
    Why's that then Paul?
    Biggest Merry Fisher is the new MF 10, comes in at 10.22m. She's four berth and would fish four, with relative comfort.

    You'd be lucky to code the Antares 42 for 10 (never mind 12), for day trips. But, she'll only sleep six and is totally unsuited to fishing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulGooch View Post
    Biggest Merry Fisher is the new MF 10, comes in at 10.22m. She's four berth and would fish four, with relative comfort.

    You'd be lucky to code the Antares 42 for 10 (never mind 12), for day trips. But, she'll only sleep six and is totally unsuited to fishing.
    Ah! Paul, Renegade_ Master, I,m with you now.
    'Coding' for fishing/accommodation etc as opposed to just 'rib rides' in certain Categorised waters.

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    Well.. perhaps an Albin????

    However I just wonder how realistic it would be to get a true "luxury" boat for corporate charter that was also up to the "blood & guts" of a charter fishing boat?

    I'm not sure that the two are not totally compatible

    Moray Cottages. Self catering in Speyside

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    Over and over again I come back to Rodman.

    Such a shame that they don't have any smart seating that folds in and out from those lovely chunky gunnels to make the big cockpit a little more sociable.
    Other than that they do tick the boxes beautifully.

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    Have seen the Albin out close as there is a 35 with hard top in the yard and over built quality is amazing. The hull is a planning with very deep fore, but flat aft sections and a skeg keel which goes for 3/5 of the hull.

    As for my tips you have a look at the Uniesse here very high finish and expensive, but the cockpit is free and if desired can be used for fishing. Check the 42 Open for new or else you will have to look at a used 40 or 44 Flybridge.

    ARS Marine had a nice RS38 with flybridge, or RS43 designed by Fulvio de Simoni. They where quality brand good seakeeping, and fitting out. Cheaper to a Uniesse for sure. Have not heard of them much in recent times but.

    Cayman yachts has the 42 Flybridge a bit too luxury and high fishing but the cockpit is free and you get full walk around. I consider there interiors all with solid woods a work of art. Inside they are actually richer to a Uniesse. There open hard top version would be more suited for the job. There 43 HT is awesome IMO and feels bigger to a 43.

    Tuccoli have also a nice 40 open with Walk around. There website is closed at the moment so I cannot tell you more.

    OPB from Rome are the most close to pure sportfisher and you can have a look here

    All of the above as the Rodman or the similies we mentioned are not pure sportfish as infact are a Cabo, Albermarle, Carolina Classic, Bertram etc but they have the concept of free aft deck coming from there.
    Thinking about it a Bertram 410 now also with lower helm can also do for your case.
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