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    Default Raymarine C70 Plotter problem

    I have an intermittent problem with my Raymarine C70 chartplotter. A couple of weeks ago and again today, when it was first switched on the display was just a mass of multi-coloured fine vertical lines. The first time it happened, I solved it by switching off and back on again. Today I had to switch off and on about 4 or 5 times. It was only on my "this is going to be the last attempt" attempt that it suddenly worked properly. Any ideas?

    It's probably completely unrelated but there is a huge amount of VHF interference emanating from the front of the plotter (or one of the other Raymarine instruments just below it). I only noticed this since starting racing and using the handheld VHF on Ch 37. It was one of the crew who pointed out that the presistent buzz would go away if I held the radio off to one side. A bit more radio-waving confirmed that the effect occurs in a small area directly in from of the instrument binnacle.

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    Welcome to the CLUB!!
    I experience that problem since two years after installation.
    Brought 3 times to repair center (friendly and honest).
    Problem seems to be a badly engineered/executed connection between screen and matherboard, so improper values of electricity ewander around.
    To solve this I sometimes have to "slide" the screen upwards or downwards untill the problem disappears.

    May be the quality control in Tcekia is not acquainted with marine environment....


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