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    Default volvo 2030 poly-v belt and pulleys

    Hi, I confirm that I am now using the poly-v pulleys off the latest 3 cylinder Volvo on my old MD2030 (crankshaft and water pump). They fit as a straight swap for the old pulleys. The 90 amp Prestolite alternator I bought came with the usual v belt pulley but I changed that for a pulley off a scrap alternator. The original Volvo alternator can also be run with a poly-v pulley too again with a scrap pulley. There is almost no belt wear at all. I can give details of my supplier if you want. I hope this helps, Steve.

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    Default MD 2030 pulleys

    Thanks so much, great news indeed. Can you confirm the "latest" engine is the D1-30, or if not, which one? Yes please to supplier details.
    Thanks again.

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    Default Poly V pulleys Volvo MD2030

    I was told the pulleys came from the very latest Volvo engine, however I recommend you speak to the expert and say to him how happy I have been. His name is Terry and he runs a boatyard in Huntingdon UK tel: +44 1480 453 628.
    I apologise for the late reply to this thread. Any more questions, please ask. The correct belt is: Gates 5PK838. Best regards, Steve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meopham1 View Post
    ... They say Volvo UK are next to useless in terms of swapping parts between models...
    Volvo Penta told me that there were no other pulleys available for my MD22!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nigelmercier View Post
    Volvo Penta told me that there were no other pulleys available for my MD22!
    I obtained a gates 10 by 975? belt, I have had no more problems with black dust on mine, it has |Sterling booster on it as well!

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