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    Default Cross the adriatic from Dubrovnik to Vieste(hol.Pics)

    Despite the beautiful reports from the two new boats from JFM and MYAG
    Some forum mates are in a desperate need of boating posts me think

    Here is the late report of our summer 2010 Croatia holiday

    As usual we drive down from Belgium to Makarska, (1650km) and put the boat in the Adriatic in a small harbour in Krvavica.
    From there, I drive the boat , and the other half drives the car along the coast road till Cavtat, south of Dubrovnic (another 180km)

    these twin peninsula are Cavtat, and at the far right is Dubrovnic

    First 2 weeks we’re in the holliday house in Cavtat with our 4 kids and two girl/boyfriends
    This is the Cavtat village

    Every morning I have my coffee here at Zino's

    We visit Dubrovnik by boat, the one with the big wake is me.

    Here is a picture of swmbo in the old harbour , but more interesting is that you can see my boat anchored right in front of the wave braker outside the harbour ;-)
    In the background is hotel Excelsior and Argentina, can advice both for a visit to Dubrovnic.
    You might meet a celeb or a president in these hotels.

    And at least a day or two the kids want to do water sports

    lunch on the boat

    The result of 10 years boating holiday in Croatia, our 4 kids on the water ski’s

    Then visiting small villages like Mlini for ice cream

    Or discovering inhabited islands and climbing rocks, that’s what they like the most

    Here they discovered a lake on a island. A few day’s later we have been swimming under water from the sea side from the boat, and came out in this lake in that cave you can see in the pic, it was approx 5m deep and 15m long underwater swim. The kids are good swimmers !

    On a windy day we visited the countryside

    After two weeks the kids went back home so we were left alone, for one week, just the two of us.
    plan was that if we have a time frame of 3 day’s good weather we will cruise to Italy.

    After a few day’s bora, we were ready for our Adriatic crossing.
    First leg was straight from Cavtat to Island Lastovo, (60nm) we could see the mountains from the coastline on our right hand side.

    On the island Lastovo we had lunch and fuelstop The fuel station staff was very helpful, sitting on the bow, otherwise diesel foam was blocking the fuel tank air outlet.

    The next leg (30nm) was towards a small island / rock , palagruza, in the middle of the Adriatic see, half way between Lastovo and Italy

    Many Thanks to MapisM who advised to take this route, And according his advice I have been snorkeling and swimming in the crystal clear water around Palagruza. We were surprised to see other boats, sunbathing or fishing, on the south west side of the rock

    Then leave for the final leg (30nm) to Vieste Italy

    We stayed overnight in the harbour of Vieste, bought some wine and food in the small shops of the old town, and enjoyed a very good meal in a nice restaurant

    Later that evening we discovered that Vieste is a very touristic place, many people do the Corso

    The following morning the harbor was very busy with “marine grotte” visiting boats
    Leaving the place

    we left Vieste, and also visited some of these grottes. We cruised for while along the Italian coast heading North-West, and came along some tourists resorts

    And some other strange creatures

    To be continued in the next post
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    Then back to Croatia, but first visit the Italian archipelago Tremiti at app 20nm out offshore.

    Tremiti was very busy the last week of july, day boat visitors , cruise ships and yachts

    Here swmbo is sitting on the beach in a nice cove on one of the islands, turquoise water, and many tourists

    And here she’s back on the boat

    We didn’t want to stay too long on Tremiti as we wanted to be back on Lastovo for the night.
    On our way towards Palagrusa, we came along an even smaller island, called Pianosa.

    So the next overnight was on anker near Ubli on Lastovo

    That evening, In stead of diner at the restaurant advised by MapisM, we had chosen for a private grill on our boat, with a nice desert ! and a skinny dive !

    Here she takes her morning swim

    Now we leave Lastove and cruise along some nice beaches on island Mljet, towards one of our favourite spots on the Peninsula Peljesac .This place is called is Kobas it is on the sea canal towards Ston

    It was a big surprise to meet here a fellow boating friend.

    Pero is a Croat living and working in Belgium, he was on his boat with the wife and sun, making a long trip coming from Korcula, and heading back to Cavtat to his brothers and cousins.
    We had a nice diner all together in the local restaurant Nico, But as he’s on displacement speed, the next morning we left taking each our own route to the south.

    That evening we had to be back in the Cilipi (Near Cavtat) airport to collect new guests coming from Belgium, to join us during the last week of our holiday. With Ben and Yvonne, We stayed again a few day’s in Dubrovnic area
    And then left for another 5 day’s cruising trip,

    First night was near Ston,

    Second night was on the island Hvar, near Stari Grad. Very close to a cove visited by ReneJK from this forum (we didn’t know then, but we missed each other just a couple of day’s)
    It was such a nice spot that we stayed here all day.

    For dinner we remained on board, and mandatory night swim

    Next stop was in our favourite cove on Hvar, very close to Hvar city

    Following morning we cruise to the island Vis, First to Bisevo, bleu cave

    And a few miles further to the green cave, where you can enter with a boat up to 40ft.

    Following mooring place was in big cove on the peninsula Ciovo, very close to Trogir

    This is the advantage of having a small boat, you can moore in the backyard right near the old town center of Trogir

    The Next day we cruised along Split

    Towards the island Brac, we had another encounter with Dolfins (4 times in 4 weeks)

    Some shopping was done in Pucisca, the famous Brac white stone quarry village

    and then to our next destination in Povlja.
    Pictures of the famous restaurant Pipo have been posted on here before .

    Swmbo made me do a U turn, to be heading west, so that she was able to make this picture.

    A continental breackfast (on the island Brac !?) after an early morning swim, as today we had to lift out the boat, and departure by car, back to Belgium

    This last picture was taken from a bridge, at a motorway fuel station, near Skradin.
    From Skradin you can visit the Krka water falls, we were there with the boat a few years back

    I hope these pictures can bring some warmth on a chilly winter night
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    Fantastic stuff Bart, thanks very much for posting. I have saved all your Croatia posts and will use them for my next cruise there, in 2012 or late 2011 I hope. So far I have ony done Split--> Dubrovnic but you have covered much more of that coast.

    Full respect to you for the miles you travel in the Karnic. I loved the head torches by the way, and the photo of your 4 children on skis was superb - that must have a big place in the family album?!

    In one pic I noticed a 60mm dia hole in your foredeck? The sunseeker 37m in Cavtat - that was #1, The Snapper I think? And here in UK "continental breakfast" means nothing cookerd, just bread/croissants etc. Bacon and egg is "English breakfast" :-)

    Anyway thanks again for the pictures and the information on cruising Croatia

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    Thanks Bart , fantastic photos . All of your travels are a great advert for the Karnic and trailboating . She will end up with more miles on her than the space shuttle if you keep up the travels

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    Default Great Pics

    A good post and brings back memories of those harbours and bays. One of the photos is looking the opposite way from a photo we have on a table in our house, we must have stood in the same spot!

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    Great stuff - tracked your whole route on Google maps as I was following your dialogue.

    I've only ever done Croatia in a Raggie and it is amazing how much more ground you can cover in a small mobo. You trip makes we want to try it in a mobo now.

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    on this map is the Croatia Italy part plotted

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    Fantastic, great pictures and very welcome during a dark and dreary December week. Thank you! Certainly on my list of places to visit over the next couple of years.

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    Yes good stuff again Bart, really nice report and piccies, thanks.
    How is it for launching in the Area?
    A friend of mine has a similar boat on Rhodes
    Slipways there are hopelous to non existant!

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    fantastic posts!! love the pictures! looks amazing!!!

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