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    I've got one of these 40 watt panels, from Sunrise Energy via ebay. Comes with cable, diode & plugs, max output I found to be slightly better than that claimed. They are sturdy, I drilled holes in the aluminium frames for the bungees that hold it in place. I had planned to remove it and stow when sailing but now it just stays in place. I paid 105, they're now down to 95, freepost & UK seller. Satisfied customer, no connection, etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostlymoron View Post
    The 'guarantee' may not be much use - are they going to be contactable in 20 years?
    Personally I would buy from a reputable UK supplier.
    You can get flexible as well, and personally I don't care if they break in twenty years, I certainly won't have this boat anymore!
    I'll be fitting with a regulator so back flow isn't a worry, for a third of the price I'll take a risk and report back

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