I grew up around my dad tinkering with boats and stripping anti fouling lol

Now I've wanted my own boat for a while but cost of a lot of the fancier marinas was just too much, plus didnt want to pay fortunes to have a boat on hardstanding as I restored it. I've since found this place, near me and looks pretty decent and might be somewhere I can restore a boat. £80 a year membership (plus joining fee)


would it be possible you think to get a decent sized boat and restore it myself?

I saw that solani class 38ft boat put up here in bangor went for £700! would it be possible to restore something like that without it costing tens of thousands. I'm aware I'm after a champagne lifestyle for lemonade money.

but if can keep mooring charges down and do the work myself? My dad could give me a hand as regards the engines etc.

if someone could bring me down to earth here and a bit of experience/realism.. lol