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    I said at the time of the Hugo Boss skipper swap that the race had some funny rules....

    For me, it's either an around the world non stop race or it isn't... so I'd say

    • no stops unless you're retiring, and then
    • put a Motor Grand Prix finishing rule in that says once the first boat has finished, positions are as per distance to finish line...
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    The "Sans Assistance" rule has been something of a joke for me for a long time...

    Any outside assistance ought to be clamped down upon, but I can't help feel it's overlooked by race organisers because they know it would discourage sponsors and therefore competitors!

    All part and parcel of my love for the Jester Challenge.


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    I reckon that allowing outside assistance only encourages competitors to push their boats harder than safety and seamanship would suggest. They simply need to decide what the object of the race is and legislate accordingly. The Jester Challenge has done just that.

    Alternatively, they could insist that Darwin's theory of natural selection is on display in every vessel.

    Rules are for the guidance of wise men, and the obedience of fools.


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