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    Default Aries Wind Vane, Self Steering Gear

    Aries standard vane steering gear for sale. This steering gear was completely stripped down and overhauled last year by Aries engineers based down in Falmouth.

    I bought this steering gear to fit on the yacht I should eventually buy, I bought a Twister 28 which had a Monitor already fitted.

    Comes complete with brand new mounting tubes, mounting brackets, two break away couplings, tiller clamp, steering lines, wind vane, servo pendulum rudder, solid bronze bevel gears.

    All Nylon bushes and rope sheave’s were replaced, new snaffle lines and steering included.

    A wealth of information can be found about the Aries standard vane gear on the following website: This Aries is a solid steering gear ready to be fitted on a yacht and ready to be used.

    Please contact me if you have any questions or would like me to email you photos of the vane gear.

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    What sort of money are you looking at?

    EDIT: Just seen your 3rd post with price in it. A bit out of my range I'm afraid.
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