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    Oh here we go again. Yes I did searcher the forums, but didn't find too many answers. Probably I didn't look enough. Please add comments. (and cheers to PyroJames for his PM)

    The deck is tongue & groove. It was canvassed for many years (1975) & was pretty good. I re-canvassed it about 2004 but the canvas seemed to rot & split after 3or 4 years. The old canvas lasted 30 years with home made white lead gloop liberally applied. The newer job lasted about 4 with exterior masonry paint (smooth).
    Ideas -
    Exterior masonry (Sandtex smooth) rots the canvas?
    Exterior masonry is not protecting the canvas enough (yet very flexible)??? Certainly the amount of paint build-up with the white lead was significant (probably a good 1/8th") compared to the sandtex.
    We over-stretched the canvas???
    We used an inferior canvas???
    We should have better stuck the canvas to the deck??? (We just pushed the paint thru after fitting the canvas. Worked very well on a test patch)
    We should have used a substrate (Irish felt?)? Some, but not all of the rents were on plank edges.

    Plan 1. Re-canvas.
    Any ideas on canvas supplies (Whaley's of Bradford do 12 oz cotton canvas 108" wide. 16oz canvas)???
    Stick the canvas down with paint??? This wasn't done in '75 or '06.
    Use a substrate (irish felt or more canvas)???
    Go back to white lead based gloop???

    "Stick canvas to deck with paint" & "use irish felt substrate" seem to be mutually exclusive, but I did neither in '06. Maybe I should have done one or the other.

    Plan 2; Dynel, expoxy, then paint.
    Dynel??? Comments please
    Epoxy - West??? Comments please
    Thin marine ply over the existing pine t&g planks???
    If so, does this need to be bonded to the existing deck (more epoxy??) or just screwed to the deck before the dynel/epoxy is applied?

    I do know one guy epoxied his decks & regretted it - water ingress = rot. He re-did it in canvas. Alas I don't know where he scored the canvas from.

    Holy **** that's a lot of questions.

    PS!!!!!! Now I think back to the day I ripped of the old (75 vintage) canvas I sort of remember my hands getting nasty & sticky. Probably from the IRISH FELT that was underneath. & I didn;t put it on when I re canvasses. I think probably I am the author of my own downfall.

    SO LAST QUESTION - what felt should I use under the canvas should I decide to r-canvas rather than 'poxy. Wickes do a range of underlay felt. Any comments???
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